My Little Nightmare – Part 3

I have one more night to finish my part of Nightmare Moon (husbeast is working on wings and horn). I realized last night that the hoof guards were going to need to be sewn on by hand. I don’t like the way the glue I have looks.

I got the hoofguards cut out, traced the helmet, cut out the eyeholes and prepped the mane & tail.

Trace to fold…
… and cut!
Can you see in this? Yeah, totally!!
It’ll flow when you run, I promise!

P got into bed and then I threw on Underworld and got to sewing.

Nothing has more ennui than a four year old, nothing.

(N.B. I love hand sewing. It’s a bit crampy but I find it very satisfying)

Moving right along, a bit of difficulty in getting the right angle. Vampires are fighting Lycans, human is confused.
Vampire fighter chick is angry, other vampires are cool and decadent, Lycans are rough and ready. Human is still confused .
Vampires are dumb! Human is less confused. Lycan medicine is some rough shit.
Old ass vampire = blood sponge. Sleeves are done! Human got himself bit.
Old ass blood sponge is not a fan of wolf boys (ever notice there are no female werewolves in this shit?) Vampire corset fighter lady is into confused probably not a human boy but more into mysteries and library abuse. Sofia Myles is wasted in this movie but I’m glad she got paid. Also, my phone’s camera stopped working and I had time pressure, so no more photos but I finished both guards on the trousers.

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