Dear Michael C. Hall

In re the Season 4 premiere of Dexter, the show you co-executive produce: Congratulations! Quick question: you managed to bring John Lithgow onto the cast for this season. He spends all of his screen time in the season premiere butt-ass naked. 2 seasons ago you gave us Keith “Ha, I bet you thought Wild Bill would be around longer than that” Carradine’s pale, quivering rump roast without any reciprocity from co-star Jennifer Carpenter who, to be fair, is now your wife.

So: what’s with all the middle-aged man-ass on your show?


SonicFyre Episode One

In this episode Fyre and Sonic

  • Present the “Top Five Tips for Noobs” in Dawn of War II
  • Talk about tailoring geeky theme shirts for PAX.
  • review the first seasons of Dexter and True Blood.
  • discuss the painful decline of the Harry Potter film franchise.

Bonus discussion of Fyre’s pettest peeves in online gaming included!!

SonicFyre Episode 1 MP3  45:48   41.9 MB