Chat Box – Mother’s Day

FyreHaar: also
FyreHaar: really got into Ass Creed Brotherhood this weekend
FyreHaar: I suddenly remembered: I love stabbing people in the neck!
FyreHaar: I also really like the 100% conditions
FyreHaar: and replaying to get it
SonicRob: yeah
SonicRob: you can do it the easy way or the hard way
FyreHaar: it ups the challenge at your discretion
FyreHaar: in discrete bits
SonicRob: yerp
FyreHaar: well for the mazes with the wolf dudes
SonicRob: and you can always go back and redo stuff
FyreHaar: the first time through I’m getting the chests and the flags
FyreHaar: later I’ll do speed runs
SonicRob: oh man, the Romulus temples are a pain
FyreHaar: I enjoy them
SonicRob: they are the new Templar lair
SonicRob: psst do them all ASAP
FyreHaar: good swag?
SonicRob: so good
FyreHaar: nice…
FyreHaar: dude, I am digging this game hard
FyreHaar: but I played it on Mother’s Day
SonicRob: yeah, I spent a hard month just playing nothing else
SonicRob: you can do
SonicRob: a lot
SonicRob: the city building goes on much longer
FyreHaar: and I want to talk to her about it so much
SonicRob: you can
FyreHaar: I want her to answer back!
SonicRob: well that’s asking a lot
FyreHaar: Ass Creed II made me weep with frustration because I wanted to know what she thought
FyreHaar: I think she would like it
FyreHaar: but also be snarky about what they get wrong

On Social Singleplayer and Slow Gaming

I played through the original Dead Space last Fall. And by “last Fall”, I literally mean that I spent that entire season playing through the game. I snatched an hour every here and there, savoring the game in discrete chunks like Charlie with his yearly chocolate bar. Every day I’d come to work and the coworker who’d loaned me the game would ask if I’d played any Dead Space the night before. I frequently hadn’t, but on the days that I had we’d happily natter away for a few minutes about the tricky battle, amusing scare, or infuriating story point I’d encountered. I wrung every drop of entertainment out of that game in one long, winding playthrough, and a large aspect of that was due to the fact that it was my water cooler topic for months on end.

I’m sick at the moment, and with Dead Space 2 once again provided to me out of the largesse of my coworkers, I popped the game in yesterday and proceeded to crash through several hours of it without respite.

I’m not sure I could tell you what happened in more than about 15 minutes of it.

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