I Play Video Games: Arkham Asylum

We’ll get into what’s going on with the running joke known as my review of Shadow of the Colossus another time, but for now let’s stretch the game-reviewing muscles with last year’s critical darling, roundly praised as the best comic book game ever made.

Because I’m nothing if not sensitive to the needs of our audience, I’ve taken a suggestion from the Baker and written a much shorter review than I did for Far Cry 2. However, because this is 50% my website and I ought to be able to indulge myself pretty much at will here, I’ve also written a much longer review, full of particulars that you don’t need to know about, and put it after the jump. I think everyone ought to be happy with this compromise.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Source: Retail
Paid: $20
Play Time: ~15 hours

Batman: Arkam Asylum is one of the best third-person action games I’ve ever played. It bashes up platforming, sneaking, and brawling in a something-for-everyone formula that almost never falters, especially in the “predator rooms” where Batman uses his speed and stealth to outmaneuver the Joker’s gunmen until they begin to panic at every shadow. The story and voice acting are top-notch, and the environment is varied, convincing and fun to navigate. Character models and textures are strangely exaggerated, but the game otherwise looks gorgeous.

The boss fights are probably the weakest segments, but they’re a small part of the overall game. Arkham Asylum is a must-play for Batman fans and those who enjoy action games generally; pretty much every gamer ought to at least try the demo.

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Sonic Fyre Episode 3

Once again, as we do according to a combination of the Mayan doomsday calendar and fell auguries taken during the reign of Tiberius Caesar, my baby sister and I have crept into the dank recording dungeon located 12 stories below the lobby of Fire and Sonic Industries Global HQ, painted the recording booth with each other’s blood, and issued a new podcast. In this tardy, but correspondingly titanic entry, we discuss

>> the demos for Batman: Arkham Asylum and Brutal Legend

>> how we judge the value of the games we shop for

>> movies: Zombieland and A Serious Man

>> Rob rants about the ending of Assassin’s Creed; Fyre counters and stabs him in the top of the skull

>> Music for this episode is “Star Dot Star” by Five Star Fall

Apologies for the quality of the second half of the cast – a change of venue was required, and the audio setup became altered for the worse. Still, with all of this awesome blather, can you truly complain that part of the show sounds like it took place over the telephone?

Can you, mortals?

SonicFyre-Episode-3 MP3    1:16:51    70.4 MB

Edit: Here’s the Jonathan Coulton video we mentioned from PAX: