For the Craft Set

At the suggestion of a textile artist friend, I have put together a list of baby items that are easily crafted along with suggested age ranges. Really, any soft item such as clothing or sheets would be doable. As our baby is due in Spring, they will be 6 months old right as winter gets going in the Bay, I’m knitting a sweater in 6 month size. It has moose on it, nuf said.


Hats – little caps or hats sized newborn through, well, whenever!

Burp Cloths – Cute burp cloths can be made out of prefold diapers and cute quilting fabric. Like so. Bonus pattern for Bibs!

Sweaters – I suggest starting at 6 mo size. We can always roll up the sleeves and the baby will get more wear out of it. Ella Funt, Shawl Collared Cardi, Cardigan.

Sleep Sack – A sleeping tube. How practical.

Soakers – What’s a soaker? It’s a cloth diaper cover made out of wool. You can knit them or make them our of old sweaters from the thrift store. Wool is really great as a diaper cover. Natural fibers, for the win. A sample pattern, I like the longer, ribbed legs. Helpful for stopping blowouts.

Blankets – A classic choice. Some lovely patterns; Sunbreak, Sleepy Monkey, Wool Leaves.


Or any other awesome item you may want to make!




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