My Little Nightmare – Part 4

Spoiler – I totally finished this on time! I didn’t even have to stay up late!

Husbeast created the horn and wings. In fact, little falcon made her own horn out of Sculpey (dad made a back up horn, cuz he’s smart like that).

In the finishing sprint, I opted for fabric glue.  I didn’t want to be up until all hours. The priority was “Get it done.”

I traced it first on the hood while Pip was wearing it, then transferred it to paper. My gigantic stash of crafty notions came in very handy.
Traced and cut. This pony has huuuuuge eyes.
The face of an excited child trying to not get stuck with the pins holding her costume together.
StarSwirl the Bearded horn, back up daddy made horn, and Pip’s horn.
Good enough!! (Actually good too!)
Now we’re cooking with gas!
The little moons are rayon knit. Very pretty and slinky is also very fiddly.
I was clever with this bit. The moon goes over the zipper. Instead of trying to glue on three separate pieces, I glued it on in one piece and when it was dry cut it open along the zipper line.
Gotta try it on! The mane and tail are safety pinned on so she can wear the hoodie whenever.

I don’t have any pictures from school on the 28th, but I do have them from the Halloween parade on the 29th. Let’s here it for costumes in broad daylight – so easy to photograph.

Behold! Nightmare Moon drinking hot chocolate!
She was actually super happy. She got recognized by name and besides that a lot of people thought she looked great even if they didn’t know what she was supposed to be. She got to wear purple eyeshadow and dark lipstick.
Dad knocked out great wings that she only knocked a couple of kids over with.

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