Music Chat: The Thermals “Desperate Ground”

Fyrehaar: New Thermals album
Fyrehaar: sounds so samey
Fyrehaar: wish they would play around with their sound profile
Sonic Rob: yeah 🙁
Sonic Rob: I remember the songs being a lot of the same tempo as well
Fyrehaar: there are some good lyrics in here
Fyrehaar: I just want a wider audio range
Fyrehaar: lo fi is cute and all but they did that
Fyrehaar: I want to take this and mess with it
Fyrehaar: change some tempos
Fyrehaar: like, turn one of these into a ballad
Fyrehaar: do another one as punk rock
Fyrehaar: maybe an acoustic
Fyrehaar: it just sounds like B sides from BBM
Fyrehaar: same fucking rhythm
Fyrehaar: Jesus
Fyrehaar: it’s just so unoriginal
Fyrehaar: Thermals, I am disappoint
Sonic Rob: that and it’s all the same damned themes
Sonic Rob: you can range a little farther
Sonic Rob: it’s all “kill this” “fight that”, “the sky”, “the enemy”
Sonic Rob: honestly, the whole thing comes off kind of fascist
Fyrehaar: it sounds like they did a pedal set up and didn’t change it the entire recording session
Fyrehaar: fucking experiment
Fyrehaar: we will still love you!
Fyrehaar: put some bass in this shit, it’s so flat
Fyrehaar: Kathy is there, let’s rock it
Fyrehaar: and Hutch always sounds the same
Sonic Rob: There are some good, fun Thermals melodies in the album, but it falls flat for me lyrically and tonally.
Fyrehaar: evolve, kids
Sonic Rob: well, this is them going back to their roots
Sonic Rob: Personal Life had a lot of different sounds on it
Sonic Rob: this is them trying to go back to the source, like on More Parts Per Million
Fyrehaar: like, try having a second guitar track
Fyrehaar: for shits and giggle
Fyrehaar: also
Fyrehaar: can they please get a decent drummer
Fyrehaar: this is un-inspired
Fyrehaar: of course, I’ve been listening to a lot of Zepplin and Rush
Sonic Rob: do you want to talk about songs?

Sonic Rob: Born to Kill is like the response to I Might Need You to Kill
Sonic Rob: except IMNYTK is like an unjust command from God
Fyrehaar: yeah
Fyrehaar: it’s like
Fyrehaar: this is the album of the person who doesn’t question the way BBM questioned
Fyrehaar: obeying unquestioningly as opposed to obeying out of fear
Sonic Rob: unless the whole thing is like a straw man against killing
Sonic Rob: it’s a good album opener
Sonic Rob: and then You Will Be Free comes on and it’s the same sound again

Fyrehaar: yeah
Sonic Rob: this whole album is so overblown and melodramatic
Sonic Rob: “we are alive we will fight to the end”
Sonic Rob: it’s like Hutch got loaded on red wine, watched Braveheart 3 times in a row, and then sat down to write an album’s worth of lyrics

Sonic Rob: I actually like The Sunset a lot
Sonic Rob: it’s kinda vague and weird, like a guy just losing his shit as the song goes on
Sonic Rob: instead of just being about one feeling
Sonic Rob: and it’s more musically complex
Fyrehaar: Desperate Ground is definitely an artistic step back from Personal Life and the two EPs since
Fyrehaar: I know BBM was kind of samey
Fyrehaar: but there was something to it
Fyrehaar: some magic
Fyrehaar: and instead of finding a new magic they’ve tried the old trick
Fyrehaar: and it does not please
Sonic Rob: agreed
Sonic Rob: I don’t like it as much as I like the albums I like
Fyrehaar: I agree with that

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