A Peek Into the Mind of Sonic Rob

Doop de doo, good morning, computer. Starting you up, dum de dum*. I’m going to go get some coffee while you do that.

Ah, that’s better. Hello, work chat client. Hello, personal chat client. Hello, Outlook; go away now. Hello, web browser. Hi there Google Reader.

Oh, Google Reader. Look at you. You look so healthy right now. Nobody would ever know.

Sonic Rob pours out some coffee for his RSS aggregator.

Penny Arcade, that’s nice. Questionable Content, you’re really more of a routine than something I “enjoy”. Oh Rude Pundit, you so rude. Rock, Paper, Shotgun, argh, I’m incredibly backed up with you. Let’s clear out some articles that I’m not going to get to.

Thing about Settlers: don’t need to read. Thing about graphics cards: don’t need to read. Thing about Battlefield 3 mods: don’t need to read. Thing about PC monitor tech plateauing: open in new tab. Indie game, AAA game, MMO Beta: mlehmpgh. Dead Island 2 review: hm. News that there may be news about another XCOM game: huzzah.

“Relic Foresees ‘Strong Possibility’ Of More Dawn Of War”

*Cough* I’m sorry, who what now?

Open in new tab, open in new tab, Jesus Christ why is this tab taking so long to load? Do you need to ship the electrons over from the UK? Open open open open.

OK, yes, Gearbox of all people bought Homeworld of all things. The Painkiller people bought damn near everything else from THQ. We knew this, we knew this, where the fuck are the space marines?
Oh, wait, this sounds kind of meaty:

“THQ’s now history, but that still leaves Relic, Sega, and Games Workshop to figure out the logistics of bringing Dawn of War back from the brink. And yet, while it won’t necessarily be the easiest thing in the world, Relic game director Quinn Duffy is confident that it can – and probably will – eventually happen.”

Oh, probably. Probably? Is that all you have to offer me? FUCKING PROBABLY?

Dialing it back a bit, here. Let’s not let expectations override the facts, Rob. So Eurogamer interviewed a fellow from Relic, Game Director Quinn Duffy. Mr Duffy doesn’t know who has the Dawn of War IP, or who Games Workshop will choose to work with if the series is continued, but he “hopes” it would be Relic. Ah. Duffy further goes on to essentially say that whatever work was done on Dawn of War 3 to this point will be tossed out and any new DoW will be started from scratch to get back up to pace with current technology.

So the news is that there’s no news on Dawn of War or Relic, but a man whose future depends on those questions is hopeful.

Oooh, Twitter!


*Yes, I sing a little song in my internal monologue whenever I give my computer a command. Try to pretend you don’t.

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  1. Bastards! Teasing bastards! Don’t play with a fan like that!!

    *weeps on her keyboard then re-installs Dark Crusade, for old times’ sake*

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