Chat Box: Now With SPOILERS

Fyrehaar: dude
Fyrehaar: reviews of Dragon tattoo
Fyrehaar: that it is shallow
Fyrehaar: no connection to the characters
Fyrehaar: like, it looks good
Fyrehaar: but that is it
Sonic Rob: SF Gate review has massive, massive fucking spoilers
Sonic Rob: I get why, cause otherwise it’s so shocking you’ll fucking die
Sonic Rob: but goddammit, you can’t do that shit
Fyrehaar: they just assume everyone has read it
Fyrehaar: I feel like a lot of people who read the book didn’t get it at all
Fyrehaar: what it is about Lisbeth
Fyrehaar: why she sleeps with Blomkvist
Fyrehaar: I like the Swedish Blomkvist
Fyrehaar: he encompasses the character’s lack of threat
Fyrehaar: he is only a danger to you intellectually
Fyrehaar: also
Fyrehaar: she researched everything in the guy’s life for Vanger
Fyrehaar: she knows this guy pretty well
Fyrehaar: so when she sleeps with him
Fyrehaar: he’s not a stranger to her
Fyrehaar: she is a stranger to him
Fyrehaar: he doesn’t know she’s been abused
Fyrehaar: and raped
Fyrehaar: she’s also putting him a box she can understand
Fyrehaar: I’ll have to see it
Fyrehaar: but one reviewer I read pointed out the Noomi Rapace was wiry but still looked strong
Fyrehaar: Rooney Mara just looks frail
Fyrehaar: Salander is a kickboxer
Fyrehaar: she should have some muscle
Fyrehaar: she knows how to carry herself
Fyrehaar: how to fight, for real
Fyrehaar: she’s not a waif
Fyrehaar: and she might not be autistic
Fyrehaar: but as an abuse victim she’s not going to react to the world like a normal person, so why judge her by that standard
Sonic Rob: also, Blomkvist is a slut

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