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Sonic Rob: question, btw
Fyrehaar: ??
Sonic Rob: yo, is this racist?: Leeroy Jenkins
Fyrehaar: ooohhh
Fyrehaar: good question
Sonic Rob: cause it’s funny as fuck
Sonic Rob: but the name, and the way he says it
Sonic Rob: and the chicken
Fyrehaar: well
Fyrehaar: we aren’t laughing because we don’t know Leeroy’s race, although there is an implication of blackness
Fyrehaar: we are laughing at his buddies
Fyrehaar: who do all this planning and get fucked
Sonic Rob: I dunno, Leeroy’s pretty fuckin funny too
Fyrehaar: so I would say
Fyrehaar: probably not
Fyrehaar: it’s more like, Yo, is this Geekist?
Sonic Rob: I told the Baker about it and she was like “Holy shit, do you realize how racist that is?”
Sonic Rob: and I was taken aback
Fyrehaar: hmmmmm
Sonic Rob: but
Sonic Rob: then I told her the context
Sonic Rob: explained the story
Sonic Rob: and it was less racist to her then
Sonic Rob: so there is a racist element
Fyrehaar: well yeah
Fyrehaar: If you say
Fyrehaar: there is this guy named Leeroy who fucks up a raid because he is eating chicken
Fyrehaar: yes, that is sort of racist
Sonic Rob: like, I did his battle cry
Sonic Rob: and she was like “you sound like a mammy from Gone With The Wind”
Sonic Rob: oh my God racist
Fyrehaar: yeah
Fyrehaar: that’s about right
Fyrehaar: :\
Sonic Rob: fuck me, I didn’t even see it
Sonic Rob: I’m racist!
Fyrehaar: I think you were too caught up in the Nerd aspect of the humour
Fyrehaar: you were sort of post racial at that point
Sonic Rob: God, it would be great if that were true
Sonic Rob: but nerds are hella bigoted
Fyrehaar: yeah
Fyrehaar: very sexist
Sonic Rob: and racist
Sonic Rob: I think nerds of color often have to fight for respect unless they are of an ethnicity that has been accepted
Sonic Rob: ie Asians get a pass for creating so much nerd culture; Indians often get a pass for being stereotypically techy anyway
Sonic Rob: but black nerds probably have quite a row to hoe
Sonic Rob: oh shit, doubly racist

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