Possession – Cannonball Read 6 Review #2

Possession (Fallen Angels #5) by J.R. Ward – Paranormal Romance – Spoilers ahead!

The conceit of the Fallen Angels series is that seven souls are at crossroads, heaven and hell are vying for each soul and whoever gets best of seven gets to take over the world.

Jim Heron, the hero of the series, has just traded a win in the aforementioned divine contest to get Sissy Barton out of hell. Cait Douglass, the heroine of the book, is trying to get out there and live life, energized by the death of her art student, Sissy Barton. So now Jim has Sissy and is desperately trying to tell himself and his boner that he’s all altruism. Cait rather suddenly has her choice of two hot but slightly off putting men.

Jim’s story is now far more compelling than the intra-book plot. Cait’s story is interesting and relatable. I think most of us have had to choose between two unknown but seemingly desirable options. The identity of her partner in Happily Ever After is obscured for quite a while. Obscured for even longer is who the soul in play in this round is. Which is a reflection of the fact that Jim has completely lost the plot and is so focused on “caring” for Sissy (e.g. convincing his boner to chill the fuck out) that he completely forgets to be the savior of the universe. Jerk. There is quite a shocking event at the end of the book that I didn’t think made much sense, but I’ll trust Ward to know where she is going with it.

Ward is a reliable writer. Her men are forceful and her women are too. ┬áBut she is getting a little too reliable these days. I’m a little pissed off that out of the five books and four souls so far, not one has been a woman. She has been giving us conflicted, glorious damaged male protagonists for a while and now I want a woman who could tip in the wrong direction, rather than women being what brings men back to the light side. That being said, the main antagonist of the series is a woman and she’s awfully evil.

I am hoping that the effort of keeping two series going at once (Black Dagger Brotherhood and Fallen Angels) does not cause either to be diluted.



Adventures in Joblessness – Part the First

I quit my job!

Today was a day of freedom. A day of rest and realizing that having a job was not nearly as important as I thought it was. ┬áDon’t get me wrong, I’m going to work very hard to get a new job but I’m not going to tie up my identity with my occupation like I did for the last seven years.

Also gonna try to blog more.


Polygon is Kind of a Terrible Web Site

Polygon: The Wii U proves you should wait before buying a new console

Yet another stupid stupid STUPID premise from Polygon, home of the scored console review. Guess what: the WiiU proves that if you are interested in next-gen gaming, and particularly in the IPs locked up by a certain console, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BUY THAT CONSOLE OR NOBODY WILL MAKE GAMES FOR IT. The damned thing came out, sold OK on goodwill from the original Wii, and once everyone realized there was nothing to play except ZombiU and ports of 360 games, sales tanked. Once sales tanked, WiiU games started getting canceled left and right, and then you have a death spiral. Nintendo is making heroic efforts to finally drag the WiiU up out of the basement by cranking out their own games, but it’s a solo effort; 3rd party enthusiasm from big companies like Activision and Ubisoft has all but dried up.

Yes, the consoles will be cheaper and will have more games worth playing later on. Sheeeeit, they’ll probably even have revised hardware with better failure rates, smaller cases, more sensible features, you name it. Waiting has its benefits. But early adopters drive trends in tech, you cannot argue that. If you want to see electric cars, AR glasses, and proper console gaming then you need to vote for that shit with your dollars or the companies who are putting out the early tentative models of those things are gonna look somewhere else to make their money. Industry cannot read our minds and does not owe us the future we don’t ask for.

Unrelated Chat: This is What We Are Doing Instead of Creating Game Content

Sassy Bobcat: quick: make up funny weed-names for weed from the north pole
Thief of Dream Women: Ho Ho Humboldt
Heirophant O’Tacobell: Red-Nosed Reindank?
Thief of Dream Women: Santa Kush
Heirophant O’Tacobell: Blitzer. (too easy)
Thief of Dream Women: I’m mad I didn’t see that right away
Sonic Rob: Blow, yay, flake, candy, base
Thief of Dream Women: That’s… not weed
Heirophant O’Tacobell: That’s… that’s coke Rob.
Sonic Rob: Cause snow looks like all those things
Sonic Rob: Wait what

Guest Chat: PS4 Launch

Sig Fem Seks: This PS4 launch is kind of a mess, yeah?
Sig Fem Seks: Knack: 59
Killzone: 74
Sig Fem Seks: Pretty shaky launch
Sonic Rob: oh FUCK
Sonic Rob: I feel bad for all the shit I talked about Knack now
Sonic Rob: but anyhow, that’s only 2 games
Sig Fem Seks: That’s the two exclusives
Sig Fem Seks: But yeah
Sonic Rob: I can’t remember the last launch exclusive that was seen as a great game for the ages
Sig Fem Seks: CRIMINAL
Sig Fem Seks: ORIGINS
Sonic Rob: it’s Be Nice Day, let’s be nice about this
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Chat Box

FyreHaar: http://www.sfgate.com/news/crime/article/Green-paint-splattered-on-the-Lincoln-Memorial-4688315.php
FyreHaar: fucking heathens
SonicRob: in re: lincoln, paint is a valid and largely non-destructive form of protest when applied to stone
SonicRob: better than chisels or bullets
FyreHaar: yes
FyreHaar: but still
SonicRob: presuming any intended speech act, and not mere vandalism
SonicRob: mere vandalism is always deplorable