Chat Box – Lessons in Joblessness

FyreHaar: dude
FyreHaar: I’ve appreciated the rest
FyreHaar: but waking up on a Monday with nowhere to be fucking sucks
SonicRob: oh, for sure

FyreHaar: I feel very helpless
FyreHaar: I’m trying to let these opportunities marinate
FyreHaar: see if they go anywhere
SonicRob: yes, it is very hard to be patient when you have nothing else to do but be patient
SonicRob: I would suggest doing something else
SonicRob: in the meantime
FyreHaar: yeah
SonicRob: when I am unemployed, that is when my house is cleanest :/
FyreHaar: heh
FyreHaar: that’s coming along
FyreHaar: I’m sure you’ve seen the shots of the yard

The back yard (jungle) when I was employed
Reclaimed earth after two weeks of unemployment

SonicRob: you showed me yesterday
FyreHaar: it’s quiet right now
FyreHaar: so I’m dwelling
FyreHaar: this helps
SonicRob: awww



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