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Fyrehaar: missy came on after lil kim
Fyrehaar: i like it when she says nonsensical stuff
Rob: she is truly funky
Fyrehaar: i like that when a male rapper guests on her track he seems subservient
Fyrehaar: not like a highlight
Rob: she is a feminist
Rob: but is Kim a feminist?
Fyrehaar: in action if not in her professed position
Fyrehaar: kim is not a feminist
Fyrehaar: she is complicit in her own oppression
Rob: does she reclaim her own body by using it as a weapon?
Fyrehaar: she is exploiting her self
Fyrehaar: while she is aggressive
Fyrehaar: it is in a way that plays into male aggression and abets it
Rob: is she aggressively submissive?
Fyrehaar: yeah
Rob: that’s just weird
Fyrehaar: Missy is aggressive
Fyrehaar: but she doesn’t negate herself
Fyrehaar: she doesn’t seem to mold herself to fit a set of expectations based around male privilege
Fyrehaar: lil kim aggrandizes her ability to please men and be like
Rob: well, Kim is aggressive in an expected way. Missy is aggressive on a much broader scale
Fyrehaar: yeah
Rob: like her weirdness is aggressive
Fyrehaar: nicely put
Rob: she’s not just loud and crude
Fyrehaar: yup
Fyrehaar: like Beck
Rob: Lil’ Kim assaults your ears and your junk. Missy Elliott assaults your reality!

Ordo Cartographicus – Resource Distribution

This isn’t really much of a post, but I’ve been mucking around with the DoW2 map editor to see if I can use it to work on my design chops – “Christ, another blogger and/or game tester who wants to be a game designer?” Yes. Sorry – and I figured I may as well share any results in a public forum.

One of the early things I like to do when I’m working up a map is put down power and requisition points. In fact, it’s the third thing I do, right behind placing bases and positioning victory points. However, it’s occurred to me that I don’t really know how many of each is a good balance. I suppose more points will equal more resources and a faster fight, but too many would lead to clutter and imbalance. With these concerns in mind, I decided to have a look at Relic’s official maps for the game.

The short version is that for 1v1 maps Relic likes 4 or 5 of each, usually with a bit more requisition if you don’t feel like keeping it identical; the 6 requisition points in Green Tooth Gorge are a bit of an outlier. For 2v2, they like 5 of each, maybe 6 for a crowded slugfest map (p.s. I hate you in all your evil forms, Calderis Refinery). For 3v3 Relic likes 6 of each, with 5 in a map that needs lots of room to maneuver and 7 in a really big open map or another ugly sluggathon. Ugly but complete chart of data follows:

1v1 Maps Power Req
Green Tooth Gorge 4 6
Siwal Frontier 4 5
Calderis Refinery 4 4
Legis High Stratum 4 4
Leviathan Hive 5 4
Outer Reaches 4 5
Green Tooth Jungle 4 5
2v2 Maps Power Req
Calderis Refinery 6 6
Medean Cliff Mines 5 5
Golgotha Depths 5 5
Ruins of Argus 5 5
3v3 Maps Power Req
Angel Gate 6 7
Typhon Arena 5 5
Argus Desert Gate 6 6
Calderis Refinery 6 6
Tiber Outpost 6 6
Capital Spire 5 6
Siccaris Plateau 6 7

Ante Carto, Nullum Mundus


Chat Box

Rob: many gossip bloggers I like hate Katy Perry
Rob: I’ve never actually heard a nice thing said about her
Rob: but I would totally hit that
Rob: she looks like Zooey Deschanal with mile-long legs stapled on
fyrehaar: Oh yeah
fyrehaar: but she’s a jackass
fyrehaar: it’s like she and Lady Gaga are those two girls who always hang out with Two Face
Rob: sugar and spice?
fyrehaar: yeah
fyrehaar: but both crappy!
Rob: awesome