What’s My Name

We have two excellent contenders this week and Sonic and I continue our search for the best and worst gamer handles.

This week’s loser:


SonicRob: see, that’s depressing
SonicRob: cause he knows about a good book
FyreHaar: Considering the fact he was probably born after the book was published
SonicRob: but spells like a fucking ecstasy casualty
FyreHaar: It’s just if you’re going to try and rep Snow Crash
FyreHaar: you better be beyond 1ee7
SonicRob: don’t do it in German
FyreHaar: heh
SonicRob: I keep looking at it and thinking his name is SnotKrash for some reason
SonicRob: which would be better
FyreHaar: well  it would be more fitting
FyreHaar: He was a little snot
FyreHaar: no skillz
FyreHaar: and not sporting at all
SonicRob: the unleetest turn of all

FyreHaar: this kid
FyreHaar: wanted to concede after less than a minute
FyreHaar: after his first assault was repulsed
FyreHaar: he was like “This guy is hella good”
SonicRob: wimp
FyreHaar: I said no
FyreHaar: kept fighting
FyreHaar: then we really did get fucklered, here is the exact conversation
FyreHaar: he’s like “Concede!”
FyreHaar: and I said, “you first”
FyreHaar: “Sorry, I like to do down fighting”
FyreHaar: “How did you get so high a level?”
FyreHaar: “By not giving up in the first minute”
FyreHaar: verbatim convo
SonicRob: what a pussy
FyreHaar: for real
SonicRob: turn off your PC and go cut yourself, emo boy

This week’s winner:


SonicRob: So basically, this name is an instant claim to being a crazy motherfucker
FyreHaar: it’s so crazy
FyreHaar: yet, crazy in treatment
SonicRob: cheesy, and yet also medicated
FyreHaar: so, self aware crazy
FyreHaar: hee
FyreHaar: also Gorgon – zoloft
SonicRob: wacky portmanteaus are often good fun
FyreHaar: I had to look at it a couple of times before I got it
SonicRob: hm
FyreHaar: it has the qualities of a good handle
FyreHaar: unique
FyreHaar: clever
FyreHaar: multifaceted
FyreHaar: and belonging to a good player
SonicRob: following that logic, could I make a good handle involving the word Darth if it were a portmanteau?
FyreHaar: no
FyreHaar: Darth never works
SonicRob: DarthQuake
FyreHaar: no
SonicRob: DarthouseCinema
FyreHaar: double no
SonicRob: DartholemewJSimpson
FyreHaar: MuseumofModernDarth
SonicRob: see, that’s not bad
FyreHaar: yes
FyreHaar: it is
FyreHaar: it has Darth
SonicRob: =(
FyreHaar: I’m sorry
FyreHaar: it got all lucasey
FyreHaar: Heh
FyreHaar: Darth Lucas
FyreHaar: they are all puns
FyreHaar: on Darth
SonicRob: http://darth.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Lucas
FyreHaar: omg
FyreHaar: I thought I made that up


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