Video Game Pocket Review Chat

Sonic Rob: oh, I started playing GTA4 with the Baker last night
Sonic Rob: we played for 2 hours or so
Sonic Rob: and by the end she was pretty disappointed
Sonic Rob: “you haven’t stolen any cars!”
Sonic Rob: “that’s ’cause I don’t want to get my ass beat by these vicious-ass cops!”
FyreHaar: it’s way less rampagey than GTAIII
FyreHaar: the cops are fucking everywhere!!
Sonic Rob: also, Nico surrenders if they so much as gently pat him on the head
Sonic Rob: the acting and story seem really good so far
Sonic Rob: although I’m glad I turned subtitles on before the Jamaican guy showed up
Sonic Rob: or I wouldn’t have had a fucking clue what he was saying

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