Trailer Trash: Three Musketeers

FyreHaar: oh god, did you see the three musketeers trailer?
Sonic Rob: a while ago I saw one
FyreHaar: see the new one
FyreHaar: don’t be drinking anything
FyreHaar: I am all for putting a fresh spin on classic tales
FyreHaar: but this is just whack
Sonic Rob: orly?
FyreHaar: two words, straight from the pit of hell
FyreHaar: steam
FyreHaar: punk
Sonic Rob: oh dear =(
Sonic Rob: two hopeful words: Del Toro?
FyreHaar: for what?
FyreHaar: Paul WS Anderson is doing TTM
Sonic Rob: aw, fuck
Sonic Rob: fuck that guy
Sonic Rob: right in his ear
Sonic Rob: fuck him for marrying Milla Jovovich, and fuck him for putting her in every movie he does =P
FyreHaar: that seems to happen to every dude she marries
Sonic Rob: haha
Sonic Rob: you know how Matt Damon always ends up dating his leading ladies?
Sonic Rob: maybe she is like that with directors
FyreHaar: yeah but he doesn’t do that anymore
Sonic Rob: well, he grew up a bit, then
Sonic Rob: got over method acting
FyreHaar: this dude is the worst director ever
Sonic Rob: anderson?
Sonic Rob: fuck yes he is
FyreHaar: yes
FyreHaar: right in the ear!!!
Sonic Rob: thing is
Sonic Rob: he’s a nerd, too
Sonic Rob: a nerd first, really
Sonic Rob: every time a studio steps up and says “hey, how do we get some of that World Of Warcraft nerd money?”
Sonic Rob: dude rolls up and says “nerds love xx! I’ll direct a movie about it!”
FyreHaar: don’t listen to him!!
FyreHaar: he fucks it up!!
Sonic Rob: yeah
Sonic Rob: but good directors don’t want to make nerd movies cause they’re usually schlock
Sonic Rob: although it was kind of Branagh to get in on Thor
FyreHaar: dude, Favreau makes good nerd movies because he understands cool
Sonic Rob: see, Favreau is a competent nerd
Sonic Rob: W.S. Anderson is not a good director
Sonic Rob: he’s merely a willing one
Sonic Rob: and I think he probably takes gigs Favreau wouldn’t touch
Sonic Rob: like Aliens Vs PredatorĀ and shit like that
Sonic Rob: I can’t see Favreau doing a nerdy gore movie
FyreHaar: gah

2 thoughts on “Trailer Trash: Three Musketeers”

  1. @Jodi – Wow. I don’t know man. I’m so not into the whole Gor thing and I can’t imagine Favreau is either. Paul WS Anderson on the other hand…

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