Trailer Trash – Thor Trailer and Avenger Chat

FyreHaar: Thor trailer

FyreHaar: have you seen it

SonicRob: neeope


FyreHaar: watch and discuss

SonicRob: wait wait wait

FyreHaar: ??

SonicRob: this is directed by who now?

SonicRob: Iron Man was directed by Jon Favreau

SonicRob: the guy who did fucking “Elf”

SonicRob: Spider-Man? Sam Raimi.

SonicRob: You’re giving Thor to Kenneth “people will watch Shakespeare if Denzel is in it” Branagh?

FyreHaar: dude

FyreHaar:  Denzel was good

SonicRob: and Keanu?

FyreHaar: and Branagh can do that Shakespearen style of family drama

FyreHaar: that works when the family is gods

FyreHaar: I liked his “Hamlet”

FyreHaar: Dude, Keanu was a risk and a failure

FyreHaar: but brother was trying

FyreHaar: and Denzel was the bomb

FyreHaar: 90% of that movie was the bomb

FyreHaar: I can forgive the Keanu

SonicRob: is that Cap’s shield hitting the ground, or a SHIELD logo?

FyreHaar: SHIELD logo

FyreHaar: caps shield is round

FyreHaar: and in Tony Stark’s lab

SonicRob: oh God, I keep forgetting how terrible Natalie Portman is

FyreHaar: I like her

FyreHaar: and how can you tell, you see her for about 8 seconds

FyreHaar: It looks comic booky in the vein of Iron Man

SonicRob: she is the worst part of this trailer

SonicRob: what I liked about Iron Man was watching the characters interact

SonicRob: the whiz-bang stuff was really mostly fun because I got to watch Downey play off it

SonicRob: everyone in trailer seems so serious

SonicRob: but as you say, it’s just a trailer

FyreHaar: also

FyreHaar: the humans will be the comic relief

FyreHaar: for the super serious asgardians

FyreHaar: and we will get to watch Thor learn about human stuff

FyreHaar: also, he is delicious

FyreHaar: I mean, yeah, shirt off = good

FyreHaar: rawr

FyreHaar: he’s no RDJ

FyreHaar: but he’s no slouch

FyreHaar: although Ruffalo instad of Norton = ROBBED!!

FyreHaar: have they not seen American History X? The man can put on the hot

FyreHaar: He was so good looking in that movie I felt guilty

FyreHaar: for liking a nazi that much

SonicRob: uhhh

SonicRob: tangent

FyreHaar: ??

SonicRob: you have changed the topic from the trailer to sexy nazis

FyreHaar: oh

SonicRob: anyway, Norton wanted the movie to be about Bruce Banner, Marvel wanted more Hulkyness

FyreHaar: sigh

FyreHaar: I’m just saying

FyreHaar: I feel like we got traded down

SonicRob: if he wanted that much control he should have directed the thing

FyreHaar: he was gracious about it

SonicRob: it just sounds like he was difficult

FyreHaar: did you finish the trailer?

SonicRob: ayurp

FyreHaar: also he is notorious for that

FyreHaar: impressions?

FyreHaar: are we a yes

FyreHaar: a second weekend

FyreHaar: a matinee?

FyreHaar: or is Portman a deal breaker

FyreHaar: ?

SonicRob: I would hit it up first weekend, but I don’t think I’d brave opening night

SonicRob: there is room for it to be an Iron-Man style surprise

SonicRob: but it is not a lock

FyreHaar: yeah

FyreHaar: That is how I feel

FyreHaar: I will lower my expectations

FyreHaar: to – lots of explosions and fighting

FyreHaar: -some cheeky bits

SonicRob: I am afraid there will be much ponderous pontificating and nobody on screen will be having fun

FyreHaar: that would suck

SonicRob: I like action movies where the characters enjoy themselves

SonicRob: I empathize, and thus have fun myself

FyreHaar: even in the Batman reboot there is fun amongst the gothic drama

SonicRob: yeh

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