Rant: CNN Plays The Game Blame Game

“After Tragedy, Dr. Plays Video Game Blame Card”

Here’s my question for this doctor. Were you treating this kid?

Oh, you weren’t?!?!? Then shut the hell up. His family is in unknown depths of grief, his friends, his school and his community are desperately trying to keep it together in the face of a tragedy they can’t understand. You are not helping anyone. You are an opportunistic famewhore. There is a special circle of hell reservedĀ  for those who profit from the grief of others and you have a prime spot with your name on it.

Also, as you weren’t his doctor, how do you know he played video games at all?? Maybe his family doesn’t even own a console or they actually supervised his playing and limited his time. Maybe he had depression, it’s a disease, have you heard of it? Have you ever done a study on the social effects of video games and that it’s entirely possible they actually help lonely, isolated kids by enabling them to socialize with people of a like mind outside of their immediate geographic milieu and help them be appreciated for their personality and skill set rather than be ostracized for not having the right jeans or BMI?


My sincere condolences to the child’s family and community.


[ht to Destructoid]

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