PAX 2009 – In Which All Nerds Turn Their Backs on Lucas

Awesome PAX moment while Fyre and I were in the lineup to watch Gabe and Tycho make a strip in a giant theater setting. As we all stood together, winding through the waiting arena – I shit you not, the arena next to the real arena – a bunch of guys in Jedi costumes arrived and stood there while a really, really annoyingly chipper man attempted to hype us for the new Star Wars MMO. It was bad enough that he attempted to hype a bunch of prequel-weary hardcore dorks merely by asking us “Hey, do you like Star Wars?” Then he asked if we’d all seen the trailer for the Old Republic MMO. When treated with a massive chorus of “Yeah”, this man had the gall to ask, “You wanna see it again?”

As one, the nerds rose up and howled “NOOOOOOO!”

He didn’t care; he couldn’t, I suppose. Too bad, he said, and the trailer played again, projected two stories tall on the wall of the room and loud as a bomb going off.

We were a captive audience, and Lucas had his way with our eyes and our ears, but nobody can pretend that we liked it.


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