Chat Box: True Grit

FyreHaar: have you seen?
Sonic Rob: I have seen True Grit
Sonic Rob: ‘twas truly gritty
FyreHaar: I know that some reviews have found it stilted because of the oddly formal language
FyreHaar: but having seen “The Civil War” I know people talked like that
Sonic Rob: It’s a Coen Bros movie. Ergo, everyone talks funny
FyreHaar: I thought it set a tone
FyreHaar: it wasn’t distracting
Sonic Rob: Jeff Bridges’ toothless mumble, however…
Sonic Rob: so distracting
FyreHaar: really?
FyreHaar: I thought he was jus hella actressin
FyreHaar: His lack of clarity made me want to watch the movie at home
FyreHaar: so I could listen more carefully
Sonic Rob: uh
Sonic Rob: I don’t know if that is a plus
Sonic Rob: but I spose it will move DVDs
Sonic Rob: “Now with Cogtitles for the mumbley impaired”
FyreHaar: Did you enjoy it?
Sonic Rob: I did. It was a good western.
Sonic Rob: I liked that the bad guys were not black-and-white evil
Sonic Rob: you felt for them a bit
Sonic Rob: but not enough to make you feel bad about the good guys shooting them
Sonic Rob: just enough to enjoy the time spent with them
Sonic Rob: btw, Christoph Waltz is the best part of Green Hornet
Sonic Rob: for the same reason
Sonic Rob: he just exceeds expectations
FyreHaar: it took me quite a while to realize that Lucky Ned was Barry Pepper
FyreHaar: he was really good
Sonic Rob: I don’t know him from anywhere, so it was no big deal for me
Sonic Rob: The Baker was excited
FyreHaar: saving private ryan
FyreHaar: he was the sniper
Sonic Rob: /shrug
FyreHaar: 66*
FyreHaar: he was mickey mantle
Sonic Rob: I remember what he did, but nothing really about the actor
FyreHaar: anyways…
FyreHaar: I also enjoyed it
FyreHaar: it was very pleasing and satisfying
FyreHaar: I cried
FyreHaar: I laughed
FyreHaar: I felt gritty
Sonic Rob: The Baker’s brother was the one who pushed for us to go
Sonic Rob: he fell asleep 15 minutes in
Sonic Rob: I think he was expecting Tombstone
FyreHaar: what?
Sonic Rob: he was bored
FyreHaar: that is weak
FyreHaar: it was awesome from the get go!
Sonic Rob: the film is not for everyone
FyreHaar: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
FyreHaar: he did not abide
Sonic Rob: I think if you go expecting O Brother Who Shot Thou rather than Die Hard 5: It’s Very Dusty you will be ok

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