Chat Box: Prescience

Note: This Chat occurred on March 2, 2012, two months before we saw The Avengers.

FyreHaar: Avengers
FyreHaar: is it gonna be good?
SonicRob: it will be ok
SonicRob: it looks weirdly small
SonicRob: Avengers fight in a forest
SonicRob: Avengers fight in one city block of NY
SonicRob: it doesn’t look cosmic enough
FyreHaar: so it’s told from Capt America’s POV
SonicRob: and it is Joss Whedon
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: Joss has a lot of credit with me
SonicRob: he doesn’t really do cosmic too often
FyreHaar: he focuses on personal stories
SonicRob: yeah
FyreHaar: so he’s doing what he is good at
SonicRob: maybe he wrote a movie where 6 superheroes hang out at a diner

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