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Sonic Rob:
FyreHaar: “Now Dawn of War III, either way, is going to have a much larger strategic component to it, more of a global battle going on with little tactical things, sort of MMO-like.”
FyreHaar: how do we feel about this statement?
FyreHaar: that is very DOWI actually
Sonic Rob: sounds like Dark Crusade to me
FyreHaar: indeed
FyreHaar: I liked in DOWI that the planet was going to shit
FyreHaar: you just had very discreet goals within the larger conflict
Sonic Rob: well, maybe they will do a thing in DoW 3 where the results of your games affect the flow of everyone on the server
Sonic Rob: kinda like in the Warhammer MMO
FyreHaar: oohhh
Sonic Rob: world PVP in an RTS
FyreHaar: whoa
Sonic Rob: but honestly, I’d wager they don’t have a line of code yet
Sonic Rob: there are many routes they could take
FyreHaar: ahhhh
FyreHaar: I imagine
FyreHaar: something evolving from CR
FyreHaar: where you start base building again
FyreHaar: and have static territory
FyreHaar: where heroes are assigned to various missions nad provinces
FyreHaar: so you get your heroes and honor guard squads
FyreHaar: and you can be static or you can move the plot forward
Sonic Rob: why would you choose to be static?
FyreHaar: defense grinding for EXP
Sonic Rob: ah
Sonic Rob: grinding sux
FyreHaar: well it’s ROI
FyreHaar: I can be bored and grind
FyreHaar: so I can kick more ass later
FyreHaar: and maybe get some drops
FyreHaar: I ground in DOW II
FyreHaar: to level my guys before the final level
Sonic Rob: adding in grinds means that your game doesn’t have enough drops and XP in the story missions ;P
FyreHaar: they are optional
FyreHaar: you can see side plots
FyreHaar: epic drops
FyreHaar: etc
Sonic Rob: I have no problem with side plots
Sonic Rob: but the shit where you defend the same generators from the same waves of eldar, nids, or orks
Sonic Rob: over and over
Sonic Rob: ech
Sonic Rob: I like side missions, I am down with them
Sonic Rob: I feel like this is a publisher-driven decision
Sonic Rob: “we want people to be logging into something”
Sonic Rob: I will describe for you the game that THQ has asked for
Sonic Rob: it has persistent stat tracking
Sonic Rob: there are microtransactions for unit skins, maps, and singleplayer missions
Sonic Rob: it is somehow integrated with facebook, we don’t give a fuck how
Sonic Rob: there are perrrrrrrks
Sonic Rob: imagine all of this said in the most venomous voice possible
Sonic Rob: imagine the Tyrannid hive mind saying it
FyreHaar: gah
FyreHaar: I would not play this game
Sonic Rob: but millions of people play Modern Warfare
Sonic Rob: so this is what will be made
FyreHaar: but they are totally diff!
FyreHaar: they can do that shit with Space Marine
FyreHaar: leave my DOW alone!!
Sonic Rob: nope
Sonic Rob: gotta make it as profitable as possible
Sonic Rob: thus, it must be made as much like the most profitagble game as is possible
FyreHaar: profitagble
FyreHaar: great new word
FyreHaar: make money until you’re tired of it
Sonic Rob: that’s the sound of a man failing to keep a straight face while typing
FyreHaar: make so much money you are physically exhausted by counting it

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