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FyreHaar: I was watching triathlon videos online on Saturday night
FyreHaar: or Friday or something
FyreHaar: you don’t know how much you need something til you can’t have it
Sonic Rob: I think you need a little more breadth in your hobbies
FyreHaar: I knit
FyreHaar: I sew
FyreHaar: I garden
FyreHaar: I play video games
Sonic Rob: yeah
Sonic Rob: but you don’t need those the way you seem to need to run
Sonic Rob: they are things you do when you aren’t running
FyreHaar: that is true
FyreHaar: but what could possibly take its place?
Sonic Rob: I spose that depends what you get from it
FyreHaar: it’s calming and exciting
FyreHaar: it centers me
FyreHaar: zones me out
FyreHaar: pumps me full of endorphins
FyreHaar: relaxes me
FyreHaar: gives me time with the dog
Sonic Rob: I suggest getting a massage and mainlining heroin while skydiving, then
FyreHaar: heh
FyreHaar: running is cheaper and easier
Sonic Rob: oh, so now you want budget alternatives?

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