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SonicRob: new space marine screens
FyreHaar: yay!
SonicRob: ultramarines vs.
SonicRob: goffs?
FyreHaar: sendy el linko
SonicRob: I call bullshit
SonicRob: that is maya with photoshop on top of it
SonicRob: when you say you are posting “screens”
SonicRob: do not post concept art
SonicRob: this bodes ill
SonicRob: they are playing us false
SonicRob: these people ain’t got shit
FyreHaar: I’m with you
FyreHaar: there’s no way
FyreHaar: that is real time
FyreHaar: however,
FyreHaar: if it is this is the best looking game ever
SonicRob: that is why it is not
FyreHaar: here
FyreHaar: they could be screenshots from a cut scene
SonicRob: you wanna tell me that these jackoffs are the ones who finally figured out how to get a playstation to properly anti-alias?
FyreHaar: those are not screen shots from a PS3
FyreHaar: maybe from a godbox PC
SonicRob: CGI stills, maybe
SonicRob: I still think concept art
FyreHaar: it’s ad copy
SonicRob: they look too painterly
FyreHaar: very conmetaical
FyreHaar: cinematical
SonicRob: wow
FyreHaar: ?
SonicRob: does it possess the property of meta, en espanol?
SonicRob: con-meta-ical
FyreHaar: portugese, actually!

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