Bake On! 10 – Miniature Pork Pies

The Story so far…..

Bake On!  10 – Miniature Pork Pies with Quails’ Eggs – Season 2 Episode 5


3 It was a double bake day, pork pie ingredients are on the left. The other bake was Brandy Snaps – Bake 9.

For the hot water crust pastry

For the filling

Leakage through the top hole means they were nice and full. That’s what I’m telling myself.
No sir, no soggy bottom here.


Yes! Right in the center!


Verdict: B+ It was fiddly and the first time with hot water crust was odd. I did enjoy the crust and would use the pastry again. The quail eggs were annoying (sorry state bird!). They were difficult to peel and they had an odd taste, sort of sour.

I would bake this again, if only because my family really liked them, but I would probably omit the eggs unless I was really trying to impress someone.

Next Time: Chocolate Roulade

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