Our PAX Schedule

With the Penny Arcade Expo a mere 18 days away, it’s high time we began strategizing. We’ve fairly divided the labor of planning – I’ve been combing through the event schedule to select the panels and concerts I’m most interested in seeing, while Fyre has been constructing a 1:1 replica of the Washington State Trade and Seattle Convention Center for us to practice our speed-runs through.

How’s that coming, BTW? (will you settle for 1:32 scale? -FH)

At any rate, this is the list of events I’m at least somewhat curious to see, as culled from the list of dozens of possible distractions and entertainments that the good folk of PAX are waving, plattered and fragrant, beneath our noses. Continue reading Our PAX Schedule

SonicFyre Episode One

In this episode Fyre and Sonic

  • Present the “Top Five Tips for Noobs” in Dawn of War II
  • Talk about tailoring geeky theme shirts for PAX.
  • review the first seasons of Dexter and True Blood.
  • discuss the painful decline of the Harry Potter film franchise.

Bonus discussion of Fyre’s pettest peeves in online gaming included!!

SonicFyre Episode 1 MP3  45:48   41.9 MB