Chat Box

SonicRob: If I could just get a couple of wins, I’d hit level 6
FyreHaar: awww, you’re a big ork now!!!
SonicRob: ha
SonicRob: how’s level 30 treating you, humie?
FyreHaar: getting there
FyreHaar: still on 28
SonicRob: zog
SonicRob: how often do you not play?

Fyre fires back – The Dead Weather

So Sonic was disappointed by the debut album by The Dead Weather, Horehound. So I decided to check it out. I am a big White Stripes fan, unlike my sonic colleague I like The Raconteurs (more on that later) and I’m always up to like something that Sonic Rob doesn’t like so I checked The Dead Weather out via their YouTube channel.

I, too, am disappointed!! When I really thought about what the music was missing, I came to the conclusion that it lacks balls. Big brass balls, Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross balls, I’m Bjork and I’m a fucking Icelandic Viking Nutcase balls. Alison Mosshart is the vortex of that lacking. In another venue she could be awesome (this is my first exposure to her) but here Jack White just overwhelms her. The music behind her singing is complex and mighty and her voice just doesn’t stand up to it. It lacks depth of tone and just falls flat. She is not nearly insane enough to carry off the cross between Siouxsie and Ozzy that she is going for.

My overall impression is that this is some weird sort of not-quite-a-cover-band. They are making music like music that they really like.  They are copying styles and genres without really injecting anything meaningful in the process.They might as well be singing “la la la la la” for all the import of the their lyrics.

“Hang you from the Heavens” comes across as an attempt to sound like Aenima era Tool being fronted by the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls.

“Treat me Like Your Mother” is one of the Songs that Jack White wrote for his collaboration with Kid Rock.

All in all, this is a bunch of meaningless, ball-less pap from a group of artists who have already shown they can do better, tied up as an homage to beloved but ultimately dated musical styles of the past.

Chat Box

SonicRob: who?
FyreHaar: he’s a procyclist
FyreHaar: rides with you know, Lance Armstrong
SonicRob: I read that as proctologist
FyreHaar: hee hee
SonicRob: he rides with one gloved finger pointed at the front of the pack
FyreHaar: ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SonicRob: this is how Lance wins
FyreHaar: OMG lol

Chat Box

Rob: many gossip bloggers I like hate Katy Perry
Rob: I’ve never actually heard a nice thing said about her
Rob: but I would totally hit that
Rob: she looks like Zooey Deschanal with mile-long legs stapled on
fyrehaar: Oh yeah
fyrehaar: but she’s a jackass
fyrehaar: it’s like she and Lady Gaga are those two girls who always hang out with Two Face
Rob: sugar and spice?
fyrehaar: yeah
fyrehaar: but both crappy!
Rob: awesome