What’s My Name: Resume Edition

FyreHaar: we got one today
FyreHaar: and the e-mail on the resume was
FyreHaar: MrVegas1965
Sonic Rob: on
Sonic Rob: on a resume?
FyreHaar: yes
Sonic Rob: like, to try and get a job with?
FyreHaar: at a fortune 500 company
Sonic Rob: Mr Vegas 1965 is your email address if you do Mel Torme covers on Fremont Street
FyreHaar: is that not hilarious?
Sonic Rob: It says (in order): I am slightly patriarchal; I lack any sense of irony when consuming popular culture; I am around 50 years old
FyreHaar: didn’t even read the rest of the resume
Sonic Rob: gmail is free, yo!
FyreHaar: right?
FyreHaar: you can make a new address!
FyreHaar: they aren’t rationed
Sonic Rob: Dude P Dudington@gmail is available right now
Sonic Rob: or whatever your name is
FyreHaar: or yahoo
FyreHaar: or hotmail
FyreHaar: or whatever
Sonic Rob: I feel bad for this dude. He is a middle aged guy, on his 2nd or 3rd career now, and not internet savvy enough to realize that his old AOL account name isn’t very professional
FyreHaar: did you not have e-mail at your last job?
FyreHaar: do you think it has to be the same user name everywhere or you will break the internet?
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SonicFyre Episode 5

A podcast recorded, edited and published in less time than it takes to gestate an elephant. Rejoice!!

>> 00:00 Intro and Game Demo Reviews. We tried out Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Supreme Commander 2 and Just Cause 2.
>> 16:00 Fyre completed her first run through of God of War III. Get ready for the love!
>> 26:00 SonicRob gives an update on Shadow of the Colossus, the current selection for Make Me Play Videogames and JRPG weirdfest Persona 4.
>> 36:58 A digression regarding amphibians and Fyre adds to the list of forbidden handles for What’s My Name?
>> 39:15 SonicRob speaks to The Girl Who Played with Fire and the movie of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
>> 45:14 Rob continues hogging the mic to talk about KickAss. We talk about HitGirl and what’s wrong with her.
>> 54:48 Fyre reviews Clash of the Titans and notes an odd similarity between two previews.
>> 1:08:25 We talk about Snow Crash and wind up the show!

SonicFyre Episode 5 MP3 1:12:36 66.4MB