What’s My Name?

Your best handle of the past week is…

Generously Hot Salsa

SonicRob: well, generosity is good
SonicRob: I like that’s not merely hot
SonicRob: but generously so
FyreHaar: It was so unexpected
FyreHaar: I lol’d
SonicRob: well sure
SonicRob: most folks on the internet are racist
SonicRob: this guy might as well have put on a mariachi hat and drawn adirty sanchez on himself
FyreHaar: It’s like, it’s just the right amount of spice
FyreHaar: it’s just so friendly
SonicRob: he sounds good-natured
FyreHaar: yeah
SonicRob: yet fiery
FyreHaart: I would like to play with that person
FyreHaar: not a pushover
FyreHaar: but not a pushy d-bag
SonicRob: right
SonicRob: a spicy boon as a friend, a fiery terror as an enemy

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