Chat Box – The PAX 10

FyreHaar: super meat boy!!

FyreHaar: did you read their comic?

SonicRob: I did

SonicRob: it was cute

FyreHaar: it was a really cogent statement on the history of the platformer

FyreHaar: and how they were leveraging traditional mechanics

SonicRob: yeah, i liked reading about their design process

FyreHaar: and penalty/reward processes

FyreHaar: it was really thoughtful

FyreHaar: makes me want to reward their dedication

FyreHaar: with my monies!!!

Sonic Fyre Episode 3

Once again, as we do according to a combination of the Mayan doomsday calendar and fell auguries taken during the reign of Tiberius Caesar, my baby sister and I have crept into the dank recording dungeon located 12 stories below the lobby of Fire and Sonic Industries Global HQ, painted the recording booth with each other’s blood, and issued a new podcast. In this tardy, but correspondingly titanic entry, we discuss

>> the demos for Batman: Arkham Asylum and Brutal Legend

>> how we judge the value of the games we shop for

>> movies: Zombieland and A Serious Man

>> Rob rants about the ending of Assassin’s Creed; Fyre counters and stabs him in the top of the skull

>> Music for this episode is “Star Dot Star” by Five Star Fall

Apologies for the quality of the second half of the cast – a change of venue was required, and the audio setup became altered for the worse. Still, with all of this awesome blather, can you truly complain that part of the show sounds like it took place over the telephone?

Can you, mortals?

SonicFyre-Episode-3 MP3    1:16:51    70.4 MB

Edit: Here’s the Jonathan Coulton video we mentioned from PAX:

PAX 2009 -The Grinder

Fyre and I have been here since Friday morning, gaming away, staying up late nights for concerts, and generally running around having fun in a concentrated quantity that I can’t remember experiencing since, say, summer camp.

My body is not in shape for this amount of… doing stuff. I’ve noticed a corresponding effect on the quality of my gameplay. I got warmed up on Friday, really hti my stride on Saturday, and some time around last night the machinery began breaking down and I started losing control of my fingers, tongue and brain.

Fyre bought herself a copy of TF2, so we’ve been playing that. It has a certain mindless, twitchy quality that goes well with my current mindset of “Buh? Guhhhh… Gah!”


PAX 2009 – In Which All Nerds Turn Their Backs on Lucas

Awesome PAX moment while Fyre and I were in the lineup to watch Gabe and Tycho make a strip in a giant theater setting. As we all stood together, winding through the waiting arena – I shit you not, the arena next to the real arena – a bunch of guys in Jedi costumes arrived and stood there while a really, really annoyingly chipper man attempted to hype us for the new Star Wars MMO. It was bad enough that he attempted to hype a bunch of prequel-weary hardcore dorks merely by asking us “Hey, do you like Star Wars?” Then he asked if we’d all seen the trailer for the Old Republic MMO. When treated with a massive chorus of “Yeah”, this man had the gall to ask, “You wanna see it again?”

As one, the nerds rose up and howled “NOOOOOOO!”

He didn’t care; he couldn’t, I suppose. Too bad, he said, and the trailer played again, projected two stories tall on the wall of the room and loud as a bomb going off.

We were a captive audience, and Lucas had his way with our eyes and our ears, but nobody can pretend that we liked it.


PAX 2009 – Savory

Overheard last night at PAX, an attendee was telling friends over teamspeak that the event is “a total sausage fest”. I don’t know what sort of gaming events she’s been attending, but this is one of the most female-heavy nerd events I’ve ever been to. The male-female ratio is probably somewhere between 3-1 and 4-1, which is phenomenal in my experience. I suppose it deopends on what you compare it to; relative to, say, a yaoi convention, sure, this is probably a bit more guy-heavy.