What’s My Name

It’s a loser of the week double feature in our ongoing war against the crappy names people pick for themselves on the internet!

Loser #1

FyreHaar: Vampirique
SonicRob: snrk
SonicRob: snksnk
FyreHaar: kekekekek
FyreHaar: I mean, really?
FyreHaar: I bet that was sooooo coool
FyreHaar: when you were 13
FyreHaar: oh god
FyreHaar: maybe you are 13
SonicRob: /tearyeyes
SonicRob: oh god
SonicRob: I can’t even riff on that
FyreHaar: ok
FyreHaar: want number 2?
SonicRob: hang on
SonicRob: Vampirique: The Masqueradesque
FyreHaar: lol
FyreHaar: it’s just so…
FyreHaar: …sigh
SonicRob: it is a gift
SonicRob: Vampirique wants to brighten your day
FyreHaar: Snark for the Snark God!!
SonicRob: with the gift of being able to heave gales of scornful laughter at fuckin’ Vampirique
SonicRob: thanks, buddy, I needed a good chuckle
FyreHaar: for real
SonicRob: tell me that was in DoW
FyreHaar: oh yeah
SonicRob: LOL
SonicRob: couldn’t hold
SonicRob: belly laughed in front of Dethlok
FyreHaar: ha!
FyreHaar: success!
SonicRob: I want to believe it’s pronounced Vampiri-qua
SonicRob: like some kind of ghetto Shanene vampire
FyreHaar: that’s Shaneyney
SonicRob: ah
SonicRob: or Beyonce
FyreHaar: hee Bianca
SonicRob: you know that’s what happened
SonicRob: phonetic ret-ranscription

Loser #2

FyreHaar: I have a description for the next one
FyreHaar: here it is:
FyreHaar: Adeptus Mechanus
FyreHaar: They wanted it soooo bad
FyreHaar: and you know all the standard Warhammer names were taken
FyreHaar: and so he got as close as he could
SonicRob: awww
SonicRob: I actually kinda feel bad
SonicRob: that is like a 3-legged puppy
FyreHaar: I know
FyreHaar: it’s like Sgt. Avitus001
FyreHaar: People get their heart set on something
SonicRob: it’s like a shitty cosplay
FyreHaar: and they can’t let go when it turns out that 1800 other people have already done it onn one form or another
SonicRob: Adeptus Mechanus is a fat dude dressed like Sailor Moon
FyreHaar: oh
FyreHaar: there is a converse property to this
FyreHaar: that I have experienced
FyreHaar: this only counts in something that links to GWFLive
FyreHaar: because gamertags are unique
FyreHaar: If someone does have an old school handle
FyreHaar: they got in early and they are for real
SonicRob: one of the few rewards for early adopters
FyreHaar: Sergeant Avitus in DOW will mess you up without trying
SonicRob: you get to be the only guy called “PwnsFace”
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: Like seeing that you are fighting Sanguinius
FyreHaar: You know you are prolly fucklered
SonicRob: so he’s into 40k enough to know a primarch that isn’t even in DoW
SonicRob: and nabbed the name too
FyreHaar: yup
FyreHaar: I wonder if Marneus Calger is out there
SonicRob: almost certainly every named hero in 40k is out there

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