Chat Box

FyreHaar: pronunciation question
FyreHaar: if you saw this name
FyreHaar: Lirael
FyreHaar: would you say it
FyreHaar: Leer-ayl
FyreHaar: or
FyreHaar: Leer Ay  El
SonicRob: LEER-e-ul
FyreHaar: cool
SonicRob: ?
FyreHaar: that’s what I have defaulted to
FyreHaar: it’s the book I’m reading her right now
FyreHaar: it’s about a necromancer
FyreHaar: but the good kind!
SonicRob: You mean Jesus?
SonicRob: oh God, is that ok for a chat?
FyreHaar: I don’t know
SonicRob: hahaha
FyreHaar: it’s got religion
SonicRob: it has
FyreHaar: LOL

Guest Chat: Fans

Sig Fem Seks: Do you ever think about how Valve must feel when they see the fanbase that TF2 has?
Sig Fem Seks: Because they’re fucking insane.
Sonic Rob: I imagine they’ve all accepted that they will be stalked and killed by a fan who loves them too much not to have a TF2 developer inside of his stomach.
Sonic Rob: you probably sign a waiver to that effect as part of hiring

Everyone Chats: Assassin’s Creed IV


Fyrehaar: watched the ACIV trailer
Fyrehaar: first impression
Fyrehaar: “What if Heath Ledger was reborn as an assassin the 18th century??
Fyrehaar: also
Fyrehaar: is this Connor’s son?
Fyrehaar: or another line of descent?
Sonic Rob: it’s Haytham’s dad
Sonic Rob: this is the first game to be set earlier than the previous game
Fyrehaar: ahh, cool, going back a bit to the golden age
Sonic Rob: perzactly
Fyrehaar: I was wondering when they were going to have to start doing that
Fyrehaar: which explains why he seems to be an amoral, sexy asshole
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Guest Chat: Movies

Sonic Rob: also, I had a dream last night that we were in a Saw movie and I got you killed
Sonic Rob: in a giant bread maker
Sig Fem Seks: Not again
Sonic Rob: whoa
Sonic Rob: that’s what you said in the dream
Sonic Rob: the great bit was, after I watched you die horribly in a giant kneading machine
Sonic Rob: and then found your body, torn apart, sealed in lucite, and strangely beardless
Sonic Rob: we all left the theater and you were like “man, that was the worst acting role I’ve ever had. they got me to be in that film under FALSE PRETENSES.”
Sig Fem Seks: ???
Sonic Rob: well, you didn’t explain any further
Sig Fem Seks: …
Sig Fem Seks: ?????

Chat Box: Prescience

Note: This Chat occurred on March 2, 2012, two months before we saw The Avengers.

FyreHaar: Avengers
FyreHaar: is it gonna be good?
SonicRob: it will be ok
SonicRob: it looks weirdly small
SonicRob: Avengers fight in a forest
SonicRob: Avengers fight in one city block of NY
SonicRob: it doesn’t look cosmic enough
FyreHaar: so it’s told from Capt America’s POV
SonicRob: and it is Joss Whedon
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: Joss has a lot of credit with me
SonicRob: he doesn’t really do cosmic too often
FyreHaar: he focuses on personal stories
SonicRob: yeah
FyreHaar: so he’s doing what he is good at
SonicRob: maybe he wrote a movie where 6 superheroes hang out at a diner

Chat Box

FyreHaar: can I borrow the uncharted stuff when you are done?
FyreHaar: I figure that should take me through until the next God of War comes out
SonicRob: Sure, I can’t see myself playing them twice
SonicRob: next game is in a month, btw
FyreHaar: GOW???
FyreHaar: really?
SonicRob: God of War: Ascension comes out on PS3 on March 13
FyreHaar: where have I been??
FyreHaar: oh, wait
SonicRob: apparently not on the internet
SonicRob: looks like this is the one with multiplayer, but there’s a short single player campaign
FyreHaar: oh, that’s right
FyreHaar: hmmmm
FyreHaar: Penny Arcade did that comic for it
FyreHaar: which I liked
SonicRob: Don’t pay $60 for this, for the love of God
FyreHaar: what about for the love of the God of War??
SonicRob: Not even that
FyreHaar: I’m not expecting to pay for it at all cough*birthdaycomingup*cough
SonicRob: too true
SonicRob: man, I need to find you a new favorite 3rd-person action franchise
SonicRob: I thought Uncharted might be it
SonicRob: maybe inFamous, ludicrous capitalization and all