Everyone Chats: Assassin’s Creed IV


Fyrehaar: watched the ACIV trailer
Fyrehaar: first impression
Fyrehaar: “What if Heath Ledger was reborn as an assassin the 18th century??
Fyrehaar: also
Fyrehaar: is this Connor’s son?
Fyrehaar: or another line of descent?
Sonic Rob: it’s Haytham’s dad
Sonic Rob: this is the first game to be set earlier than the previous game
Fyrehaar: ahh, cool, going back a bit to the golden age
Sonic Rob: perzactly
Fyrehaar: I was wondering when they were going to have to start doing that
Fyrehaar: which explains why he seems to be an amoral, sexy asshole
Sonic Rob: heh
Sonic Rob: it’s weird
Sonic Rob: this is exactly the game I asked for from them
Sonic Rob: for the second time in a row!
Fyrehaar: dude
Fyrehaar: you called ACIII as American Rev months before announcement
Sonic Rob: and I am kinda unhappy about it
Fyrehaar: why???
Fyrehaar: you want to be in production
Sonic Rob: I want to be surprised, I guess
Sonic Rob: this all seems sort of obvious if I can come up with it
Fyrehaar: your finger is obviously on the pulse of the industry!
Sonic Rob: 1715 makes it the first AC to be set earlier than the one before it
Sonic Rob: the insets sound like guides to treasure: “within a shipwreck on the beach” etc
Sig Fem Seks: Yeah
Sig Fem Seks: This is probably the most excited I’ve been for an AC game
Sonic Rob: I am sort of amused by the responsiveness
Sonic Rob: whole world: “dude, more of the naval shit. make a pirate game”
Sonic Rob: Ubi: “Um. Sure. Ok, yeah.”
Sig Fem Seks: hahah yeah, it’s nice
Sig Fem Seks: I’m starting to fall off Ubisoft
Sonic Rob: other than AC I don’t really have any interest in them
Sig Fem Seks: Far Cry 3
Sonic Rob: myeh
Sig Fem Seks: Watch Dogs
Sig Fem Seks: ZombieU
Sonic Rob: mmmmmm
Sig Fem Seks: Rayman Origins
Sonic Rob: ugh, it’s all so European

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