Chat Box

FyreHaar: pronunciation question
FyreHaar: if you saw this name
FyreHaar: Lirael
FyreHaar: would you say it
FyreHaar: Leer-ayl
FyreHaar: or
FyreHaar: Leer Ay  El
SonicRob: LEER-e-ul
FyreHaar: cool
SonicRob: ?
FyreHaar: that’s what I have defaulted to
FyreHaar: it’s the book I’m reading her right now
FyreHaar: it’s about a necromancer
FyreHaar: but the good kind!
SonicRob: You mean Jesus?
SonicRob: oh God, is that ok for a chat?
FyreHaar: I don’t know
SonicRob: hahaha
FyreHaar: it’s got religion
SonicRob: it has
FyreHaar: LOL

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