Chat Box

FyreHaar: can I borrow the uncharted stuff when you are done?
FyreHaar: I figure that should take me through until the next God of War comes out
SonicRob: Sure, I can’t see myself playing them twice
SonicRob: next game is in a month, btw
FyreHaar: GOW???
FyreHaar: really?
SonicRob: God of War: Ascension comes out on PS3 on March 13
FyreHaar: where have I been??
FyreHaar: oh, wait
SonicRob: apparently not on the internet
SonicRob: looks like this is the one with multiplayer, but there’s a short single player campaign
FyreHaar: oh, that’s right
FyreHaar: hmmmm
FyreHaar: Penny Arcade did that comic for it
FyreHaar: which I liked
SonicRob: Don’t pay $60 for this, for the love of God
FyreHaar: what about for the love of the God of War??
SonicRob: Not even that
FyreHaar: I’m not expecting to pay for it at all cough*birthdaycomingup*cough
SonicRob: too true
SonicRob: man, I need to find you a new favorite 3rd-person action franchise
SonicRob: I thought Uncharted might be it
SonicRob: maybe inFamous, ludicrous capitalization and all

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