Chat Box

FyreHaar: did you see me take a tank with my WB??
SonicRob: I did
SonicRob: Klaw
FyreHaar: balls out!
SonicRob: yeah, you even left the shootas there
FyreHaar: I was like, fuck it! I’m killing this tank if it’s the last thing I do
SonicRob: haha
FyreHaar: I just targeted it with everything

SonicRob: now who’s making the geek act irrationally?
FyreHaar: I was raging
FyreHaar: I killed it and ran
SonicRob: yeah
SonicRob: “in your face!”
SonicRob: you gotta do that

FyreHaar: “Tanks!”
FyreHaar: ha
FyreHaar: man, watching those tanks run from the sight of my wagh was glorious

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