Trailer Trash: Let Me In

So here we have a very noisy trailer for the totally unnecessary US remake of Let The Right One In, which was mostly quiet and all the scarier for it.

I am by default opposed to this sort of remake – the immediate do-over in American English as soon as a film finds any sort of success abroad. It seems like fixing something that ain’t broke for lack of any better ideas.


2 thoughts on “Trailer Trash: Let Me In”

  1. I hate this about the US too. There are dozens of awesome foreign films that have been remade, for no good reason. I think its just the large movie companies double dipping.

    I can’t imagine how a US remake of this movie will be good. For one, Eli’s ‘father’ is a pedophile. I dont think they’ll get the setting right. I’m sure they’ll mess up Oskars dad. Since its a film remake I doubt they’ll pull in the other story elements from the book. What about the pissball?

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