Trailer Trash: Everything

Sonic Rob: so: Oblivion, or After Earf?
Sig Fem Seks: Oblivion for sure
Sonic Rob: just because you like Elder Scrolls?
Sig Fem Seks: After Earf is M Night
Sonic Rob: between that and 2 members of the Smith family being in it
Sig Fem Seks: Also, that.
Sonic Rob: Tom Cruise’s Career Keeps Sinking Into Oblivion
Sig Fem Seks: Oblivion Obliterates Box Obffice
Sonic Rob: After Earth: Life in the Smithpocalypse
Sonic Rob: M. Night Sham
Sonic Rob: holy crap, does Will Smith die in the first shot of that trailer?
Sonic Rob: ok, you lost me at “wing suit”
Sonic Rob: I just hate those things
Sig Fem Seks: but
Sig Fem Seks: Far Cry 3 has a wing suit
Sonic Rob: NO
Sonic Rob: so does Blops
Sonic Rob: wing suit is the new bloom
Sig Fem Seks: It’s so awesome in Far Cry 3
Sig Fem Seks: it’s like Prototype style
Sig Fem Seks: use it as a fast travel basically
Sonic Rob: man, we are just convinced the world is ending, eh?
Sig Fem Seks: I guess so!
Sig Fem Seks: I can’t wait to see what happens on the 21st
Sig Fem Seks: not disasters, but people
Sonic Rob: there’s gonna be a lot of suicide
Sig Fem Seks: There’s gonna be a lot of free sex
Sonic Rob: guess what: Oblivion is a thinly-veiled redo of Battlefield Earth
Sig Fem Seks: You are.
Sig Fem Seks: God I hope you’re joking
Sonic Rob: nope, I’m roughly 30% sure just based on that trailer
Sig Fem Seks: Phew
Sig Fem Seks: At least I know you’re wrong a lot
Sig Fem Seks: like 30% of the time
Sonic Rob: ok, the actual news is even worse
Sonic Rob: the guy who wrote and directed Tron Legacy then wrote a comic book, which he is now using as the basis for this film, which he is writing and directing
Sig Fem Seks: I am totally fine with that
Sig Fem Seks: That’s still better than 90% of Hollywood!
Sonic Rob: I will wait and see. But I am not going to get hyped for it.

Sonic Rob: oh ffs that is so obviously snake in the driver’s seat of that car
Sonic Rob: who else has 1 eye and a mullet?
Sig Fem Seks: Yeah man, it’s pretty obvious
Sonic Rob: i am in progress watching
Sonic Rob: We are calling this the Extremely Frustrating Control a Cripple system
Sig Fem Seks: Metal Gear Cripple
Sonic Rob: Dubble Step Solid
Sig Fem Seks: Metal Qwop Solid
Sonic Rob: wow, a whole trailer about the weird cinematic first 10 minutes of a perfectly normal Metal Gear game
Sonic Rob: the last line is “what’s your name” in some kind of mix of German and French
Sonic Rob: wie heisst comme tu
Sonic Rob: maybe flemish
Sig Fem Seks: Alborlish
Sig Fem Seks: Timallish
Sonic Rob: oooh! Maybe he’s in a secret hospital in Switzerland!
Sonic Rob: if that was all in-engine it was quite good
Sonic Rob: some of it was sort of Dead Space-esque, the more horror/gore parts
Sig Fem Seks: Yeah
Sig Fem Seks: Fox Engine looks great
Sonic Rob: it looks super-scripty
Sonic Rob: at least that part
Sonic Rob: just a teaser tho.
Sig Fem Seks: It’s like the first section of Dead Space 2!

Sig Fem Seks: I hope Dead Space 3 starts with a bang like the second did
Sonic Rob: oh yeah, whoever writes and designs those games has a great grasp on the dramatic hook
Sonic Rob: the mood in the first 2 chapters of DS1 is soooo great
Sonic Rob: I wish they had more of the stuff like the skinned guy banging his head on the wall
Sig Fem Seks: Yeah
Sig Fem Seks: I bet they’ll go crazy with this new one
Sonic Rob: like, let’s just go Event Horizon on this bitch
Sig Fem Seks: I don’t at all feel like the 3rd is going to be “ruined”
Sonic Rob: do you think you can be “scared” in co-op?
Sig Fem Seks: I’ll probably play through without Co-op first
Sonic Rob: haha, we should get headsets so I can shriek in your ear
Sig Fem Seks: or, I dunno
Sig Fem Seks: it might be interesting to do co-op first
Sig Fem Seks: only if we both play at night in the dark!
Sonic Rob: I find the co-op parts in BL2 where I already know what’s going on sort of…
Sonic Rob: well, the tone is different
Sonic Rob: I like seeing you react
Sonic Rob: but there’s way less of the Oh Shit factor for me personally, and it’s fun to feel that at the same time

Sonic Rob: huh, the new tomb raider trailer has one of those giant Sucker Punch samurai guys
Sonic Rob: for like a split-second cut
Sonic Rob: it’s probably one of the all-purpose evil rapist death mannequins on this island
Sonic Rob: this new TR has a problem that I sort of associate with Uncharted, in that you’re supposed to kind of get this feeling that the hero is out of their depth and fighting for survival
Sonic Rob: while they kill dozens of people
Sonic Rob: which on one hand is completely in line with Indiana Jones and whatnot
Sonic Rob: but really I’d be interested in a game where enemies are just as dangerous as me, if not moreso, and killing them is very rare and dramatic
Sonic Rob: like a Shadow of the Colossus that doesn’t suck
Sonic Rob: Or like Portal, where you sort of only have 1 real enemy for the whole game, and you battle it out at the end
Sonic Rob: that is some dramatic stuff
Sonic Rob: also, would you like a berry?
Sig Fem Seks: No thanks
Sig Fem Seks: But man, play more Uncharted
Sonic Rob: yeah, I gotta get back on that horse
Sig Fem Seks: Uncharted 2 has a lot of “Oh fuck. I’m screwed”
Sig Fem Seks: moments
Sonic Rob: it’s just so easy to just fire up the 360 and play more AC3
Sig Fem Seks: It’s definitely when the series really starts feeling like Indiana Jones, with world traveling and such

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