Chat Box: Borderlands 2 New Class

Sonic Rob: OK, new DLC class: The Trillionaire.
Sonic Rob: You are a clone of Handsome Jack created by a New-U malfunction
Sonic Rob: Handsome Jacques
Sonic Rob: you have a French accent now
Sonic Rob: Jacques le Beau
Sonic Rob: Your skill trees are: Wealth, Arrogance, and Delusion
Sonic Rob: Wealth skills allow you to buff your chances of item drops, increase the amount of cash the team earns, and allow you to spend cash and items in return for summonable one-shot pets and ammo crates in the field
Sonic Rob: wealth lets you spend eridium on adding e-tech effects to weapons
Sonic Rob: 1-point talent: summon vending machine
Sonic Rob: Delusion talents allow you to completely ignore reality and substitute your own
Sonic Rob: Arrogance talents allow you to irritate the hell out of enemies
Sonic Rob: Summon Butt Stallion
Sonic Rob: 1 point talent: I Fucked Your Mom
Sonic Rob: (Probably. I Mean, Odds Are I Did)
Sonic Rob: ((Chicks Dig Rich Guys))
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