How much time do I have?

Hey Sonic-

I think our respective game playing time budgets can be surmised from the fact that in 13 days from the last post I have managed to watch three of the trailers.

The only game I can reasonably expect to play out of this season’s crop is Assassin’s Creed III. I am all about stabbing and sneaking. We’ve been with the series from the beginning and I find it engaging. When they mess with history I feel a bit stroppy but I’ll get over it.

Speaking of stabbing people in the throat, Dishonored looks promising. I really enjoyed Bioshock and I’m a sucker for atmosphere. Throw in the rat minions and I’m sold.

I’ve never delved into FarCry/Crysis and I’m not likely to start now. Same for Resident Evil. I’m not into scary things so I’m going to pass on this one.

The Leatherworker will be well pleased to try out the new XCom, being an officianado of the original series. Don’t know if he’ll kitchen to a reduced difficulty. That was part of the charm, as far as I could tell.

I can’t believe you did a Midnight thing for Black Friday. ┬áNo savings are worth that. The ROI just isn’t there. If you do it again can you get me a copy of Darksiders?


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