Chat Box: We Played Dishonored For You

Sig Fem Seks: Story: Dishonored is the story of Corvo Smith, a supernatural assassin living in a near future past city called Ratsburg. Ratsburg has become overrun with giant killer rats, and Corvo is recruited by a secret organization called “The Skeleton Masks” to kill the city guards he can find, who continue to fuel the rat infestation with their poor sanitation habits. Corvo is hunted by the game’s antagonist, Spymaster Killgallon, who will stop at nothing to stop and capture Corvo so that he may use his supernatural powers to make the Queen of Ratsburg fall deeply in love with him. Corvo must ultimately decide between helping rid the city of these pests by using his powers to murder those who oppose him, or use his abilities to make the Queen fall in love while remaining stealthy and reserved. When the ghost of Corvo’s wife appears to him in the middle of the night, Corvo must make the most important decision of his life.
Sonic Rob: Strategy tip: Acquiring too much honor through doing good deeds will lose Corvo his Dishonored status, ending the game. If you find yourself unable to assassinate your underage orphan targets, make sure to regularly visit Rape Alley to keep your honor in check.
Sonic Rob: Strategy tip: Try not to let your whale oil reserve run too low. The game is stingy with blubber, especially in Kilgallon’s desert air-fortress, but there is usually a giant water tank somewhere near your target containing a trapped and defenseless sperm whale that you can slaughter, dismember, render down for oil and then butcher for whale meat to sell on the real-money auction house.
Sonic Rob: Trivia: Development was originally planned to include a full-featured naval combat simulation, but this was cut to save budget and disc space. However because some of the code was not removed, it’s still possible to go to the docks and commandeer a ship, take it to sea, attack board and sink enemy ships, plunder them for currency and items, take over small island nations, and retire as the dictator of a banana republic which you must administer using a new user interface to control the placement of buildings and roads in response to inhabitants’ needs and desires.
Sig Fem Seks: However, most of the code for contracting scurvy is still missing.
Sonic Rob: Trivia: In addition to performing all of the voices in the game, Mike Patton also composed the score. Originally orchestrated for a ukelele trio, Arkane eventually re-recorded the score using the St Petersburg, FL Dubstep Sea Chanty Orchestra, resulting in Patton leaving the project and taking the rights to all of his vocal performances with him. As a result, all characters in the final game speak in either foghorn bleats or drunken rhyming sing-song.
Sonic Rob: Trivia: Dishonored’s early history as an online class-based shooter is still evident in the character select screen, where players can select from any of 9 identical Corvo’s to play as.
Sonic Rob: Memorable Quotes– Corvo: [Inception horn]
Sonic Rob: Empress Philly: My honor! No! It’s spilling out on everything! Corvo… you… fool…
Sig Fem Seks: Easter Egg: At Uncle Chippy’s Discount Kill Items, the player can purchase a Big Daddy suit. The Big Daddy suit is a reference to the movie Big Daddy, staring Adam Sandler.
Sig Fem Seks: Continuity Error: In an early scene, Corvo is seen killing an enemy by summoning a group of rats. However, later in the game, he performs the same move, but the rats are now Scottish.
Sonic Rob: Incorrectly regarded as goofs: When night falls, the head of a Big Daddy rises in the East. However, this is explained once the player learns that the whole game takes place in a snow globe on Andrew Ryan’s desk.
Sonic Rob: Bug: If the player uses the Blink power to enter a guard’s brain while the target is actually blinking, Corvo will get stuck on the target’s eyelid, necessitating a game restart.
Sonic Rob: Error in Judgement: This game probably should not have come out in the same month as XCOM.

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