Film Century 1.5

PAX took a big chunk out of my schedule, but we’re getting near the century mark nonethless.

Aug. 29 The Hurt Locker – The scariest, most tense war film I’ve seen since Aliens. 89/150
Aug. 30 Thirst – Refreshingly hard to classify – drama? black comedy? vampire movie? romance? – but occasionally gets a bit sillier than it thinks it is. 90/150
Sep. 9 The Fog of War – Is asking to be understood the same thing as asking forgiveness? 91/150
Sep. 11 Ponyo – Hayao Miyazaki is the modern master of trippy-ass acid flashback cartoons. 92/150
Sep. 12 9 – If this isn’t the first steampunk movie, it’s certainly the finest I’ve yet seen. 93/150
Sep. 12 Harakiri – Dear Mr. Tarantino: This is how you make a time-bending revenge flick. 94/150
Sep. 18 The Informant! – The most compelling angle of this story – the question of what it means that someone so greedy, arrogant, egocentric, pathologically dishonest, scatterbrained and ultimately insane got so far in American industry – goes completely unexplored in this film. 95/150
Sep. 21 Bright Star – Victorian period dramas are the 12-bar blues of filmmaking; it’s all the same bits, but the little touches make all the difference. 96/150

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