Chat Box – In Memoriam

FyreHaar: dude
FyreHaar: Liz Taylor
FyreHaar: pour one out yo
SonicRob: ha
FyreHaar: why ha?
FyreHaar: she’s dead
SonicRob: she lived higher on the hog than any woman in history since Catherine the Great
SonicRob: she doesn’t need anything poured out
FyreHaar: good point
SonicRob: I mean, good on her for grabbing life by the balls and all
SonicRob: but I can’t really relate
FyreHaar: she was the first great celebrity AIDS activist
SonicRob: so the first celebrity to show a glimmer of human decency on the topic?
FyreHaar: heh
SonicRob: sorry
SonicRob: I am apparently feisty today!
FyreHaar: dude
FyreHaar: do you have my PMS?
SonicRob: possible
SonicRob: my breasts feel tender
FyreHaar: lol

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