What’s My Name: Game Studio Edition

What’s My Name: Game Studio Edition

New Game Studio Name 1: Square Enix Extreme Edges

FyreHaar: oh god
Sonic Rob: or Squeeeeeee, I guess
FyreHaar: ok that’s pretty good
Sonic Rob: no seriously, that’s the name of their new label for mature rated titles
Sonic Rob: which is hilarious, cause that’s one of the most immature names ever
FyreHaar: Squee for mature audiences
Sonic Rob: They should have called it Square Enix Black Steel Unleashed Riding a Sweet Dragon, Yo
FyreHaar: SEBSURaSD,Y!
Sonic Rob: That’s so the name of my new band
Sonic Rob: but only the acronym
FyreHaar: I will not join that band
FyreHaar: and I am still committed to Spider Babies
Sonic Rob: it is the world’s loss

New Game Studio Name 2: Respawn Entertainment

FyreHaar: ok
FyreHaar: that lacks imagination
FyreHaar: while still tapping into the gamer consciousness
Sonic Rob: I disagree
Sonic Rob: I think it is pleasantly cheeky
FyreHaar: oh it’s a good pun and a good in your face
Sonic Rob: you kill us, we respawn
Sonic Rob: although I bet you a donut someone in the mainstream press will eventually pronounce it “Res-pawn”
FyreHaar: How about Res-pwn
FyreHaar: there is pwnage!
Sonic Rob: you’re right that the name doesn’t have much aside from the zing at Activision
Sonic Rob: in that sense it isn’t great
Sonic Rob: also, who the fuck gets dicked over at Activision and decides the place that is gonna treat them right is EA?
Sonic Rob: it’s like Vince Zampanella is a battered wife or something
FyreHaar: that much money is hard to walk away from
FyreHaar: unless you are walking towards more
Sonic Rob: “I’m tired of being beat up by my meth-lab-running toothless trucker husband! I’m gonna marry a death row inmate instead!”

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