What’s My Name: Resume Edition

FyreHaar: we got one today
FyreHaar: and the e-mail on the resume was
FyreHaar: MrVegas1965
Sonic Rob: on
Sonic Rob: on a resume?
FyreHaar: yes
Sonic Rob: like, to try and get a job with?
FyreHaar: at a fortune 500 company
Sonic Rob: Mr Vegas 1965 is your email address if you do Mel Torme covers on Fremont Street
FyreHaar: is that not hilarious?
Sonic Rob: It says (in order): I am slightly patriarchal; I lack any sense of irony when consuming popular culture; I am around 50 years old
FyreHaar: didn’t even read the rest of the resume
Sonic Rob: gmail is free, yo!
FyreHaar: right?
FyreHaar: you can make a new address!
FyreHaar: they aren’t rationed
Sonic Rob: Dude P Dudington@gmail is available right now
Sonic Rob: or whatever your name is
FyreHaar: or yahoo
FyreHaar: or hotmail
FyreHaar: or whatever
Sonic Rob: I feel bad for this dude. He is a middle aged guy, on his 2nd or 3rd career now, and not internet savvy enough to realize that his old AOL account name isn’t very professional
FyreHaar: did you not have e-mail at your last job?
FyreHaar: do you think it has to be the same user name everywhere or you will break the internet?
Sonic Rob: Maybe he is actually like 25 years old but convinced that Rat Pack Vegas was just the best thing ever
Sonic Rob: huge Buble fan
FyreHaar: oh god, so sad
Sonic Rob: comes to interview in a sharkskin suit and horn rims
FyreHaar: and a glass eye
Sonic Rob: calls the first woman he sees “Doll” every day
Sonic Rob: see, this is us giving you the benefit of the doubt, MrVegas1965, and we’re still assuming you’re a sexist Mad-Men-wannabe choad
Sonic Rob: Just Say No
FyreHaar: we did
Sonic Rob: dude
Sonic Rob: google mrvegas1965
Sonic Rob: it’s all dating sites and tech sites
FyreHaar: damn
FyreHaar: you’re just running with this, aren’t you?
Sonic Rob: I kinda don’t want dude to read that and realize you used his confidential application to make fun of him on the internet
Sonic Rob: but it looks like Google has already handled that

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