Unrelated Chat: This is What We Are Doing Instead of Creating Game Content

Sassy Bobcat: quick: make up funny weed-names for weed from the north pole
Thief of Dream Women: Ho Ho Humboldt
Heirophant O’Tacobell: Red-Nosed Reindank?
Thief of Dream Women: Santa Kush
Heirophant O’Tacobell: Blitzer. (too easy)
Thief of Dream Women: I’m mad I didn’t see that right away
Sonic Rob: Blow, yay, flake, candy, base
Thief of Dream Women: That’s… not weed
Heirophant O’Tacobell: That’s… that’s coke Rob.
Sonic Rob: Cause snow looks like all those things
Sonic Rob: Wait what

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