The Haul ’10: Covered in Dirty Savings

Hey Fyre,

As is rapidly becoming traditional, the end of year sales are badly outshining the Black Friday sales that kicked off the holiday feeding frenzy. I’ve managed to restrain myself – sort of. The haul below represents “self-restraint” in my world:


Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time

Iron Grip: Warlord


Splinter Cell: Conviction

Supreme Commander 2

Tropico 3 Special Edition


I’m probably most excited for Bayonetta and Machinarium – the others were all just really good deals/targets of opportunity. What does your haul look like?

3 thoughts on “The Haul ’10: Covered in Dirty Savings”

  1. My haul..

    Guh. Steam sales.. I think I’ve bought 2 – 6 games every day since it started. I bought most of the indie packs and bunches of others.

    So out of that some of the tops
    Just Cause 2
    Supreme Command 2
    Fear Series
    Never Winter Knights 2 (which I already owned on dvd.. but not steam)
    Super Meat Boy
    Titan Quest

    Of course, I’ve played a few of these games but really I’ve spent a TON of time trying to finish off Majesty 2, which I bought last year.

  2. So does this mean I get to mention this every time you get on my case for buying yet another pair of shoes? =]

  3. Ha! Didn’t buy a damned thing. The power of property taxes and buying lots of presents for other people and working out how the car payment is going to fit into the budget.

    poop. I totally missed out because I was worried about spending too much.

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