MEGACHAT!! The Sequel

Previously Mr. Sonic and I discussed my belated viewing of Battlestar Galactica. Well, I finished watching it and chat ensued…

FyreHaar: finished BSG last night
SonicRob: yo
FyreHaar: omg sad face
SonicRob: so….
FyreHaar: she was an angel
SonicRob: yeah
SonicRob: /sigh
FyreHaar: so was Baltar’s Six
SonicRob: they really wrote themselves into a corner there
FyreHaar: the story of Lee and Kara, never quite the right place, or the right time
FyreHaar: but the truth is that Kara couldn’t connect
FyreHaar: because she had more important things to do
SonicRob: well, and Lee was never able to look around
SonicRob: always looking forward
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: Lee, not the best decision maker
FyreHaar: and Adama and Laura
FyreHaar: I cried so much. Still crying
SonicRob: together at last
FyreHaar: well he lost one of his women
FyreHaar: he wasn’t ever going to let the other one go
FyreHaar: and Baltar, crying at the end
FyreHaar: finally a human
FyreHaar: someone to be proud of
FyreHaar: it’s also cute, the idea of mitochondrial Eve being Hera
SonicRob: sure, we’re all cylons now
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: it makes sense too, the idea that the humans were tired of that existence
FyreHaar: I knew when they said Kara would bring humanity to their end it was that she was the answer

SonicRob: We’re all Helo

SonicRob: that’s why he’s such a fussypants
FyreHaar: ??
SonicRob: he’s the ultimate daddy figure
FyreHaar: he should have died from the leg wound
SonicRob: yeah
FyreHaar: but someone had to have a happy ending

FyreHaar: and they rewarded steadfastness and virtue
SonicRob: man, did Sam get a raw deal or what?
FyreHaar: no!
SonicRob: ?
FyreHaar: when Kara leaves him and he says, see you on the other side

FyreHaar: he knows that she is an angel
FyreHaar: and that soon they will be together
FyreHaar: I found that comforting
FyreHaar: it wasn’t completely perfect, but it could have been so much worse
FyreHaar: there were some really good moments
FyreHaar: like Tyrol killing Tori, and then just sitting there
FyreHaar: I think he just gives up and dies
FyreHaar: and they never say what happens to DeAnna
FyreHaar: also when Bodie Olmos gets to act with his dad
FyreHaar: nice
SonicRob: yeah, Tori needed to die
SonicRob: it was good for Tyrol to do it
SonicRob: he couldn’t really make anything up to Callie, but he could do that for himself
FyreHaar: dude
FyreHaar:  Callie was a bitch!
FyreHaar: she totally cheated
FyreHaar: knew the kid wasn’t his
FyreHaar: and carried on anyways
FyreHaar: fucked up
SonicRob: yeah, she was a fantastically annoying character
FyreHaar: my favorite will always be Doc Cottle
FyreHaar: he’s the country doctor

FyreHaar: and boomer had to die
FyreHaar: bitch couldn’t make up her mind
SonicRob: well that and
SonicRob: broken people die in Galactica
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: if you don’t make it to your redemption
FyreHaar: you don’t make it
SonicRob: if you have no system for coping
SonicRob: I mean Baltar
SonicRob: he’s Baltar and all
SonicRob: but it works for him
SonicRob: Boomer’s thing wasn’t ever working
FyreHaar: yeah
SonicRob: she just limped along fucking people up
FyreHaar: well it’s why Athena makes it
FyreHaar: what she said to the other 8
FyreHaar: you pick a side and you stick to it
FyreHaar: you keep your word, first cylon ever to keep her word
FyreHaar: that’s what made her the best 8
SonicRob: Boomer was on the side of “fuck Athena”
FyreHaar: well she was jealous
FyreHaar: Athena got everything she wanted
FyreHaar: Boomer got the desire and then got fucked by her subroutine to shoot Adama
SonicRob: and they’re supposed to be the same woman
SonicRob: most people never get to see how their life might have turned out better
FyreHaar: good point
SonicRob: people aren’t supposed to know that
SonicRob: it killed her
FyreHaar: and she and Athena showed how the cylons could grow and change within the models
FyreHaar: Athena by joining the humans
FyreHaar: and Boomer by joining the 1s
SonicRob: well, sure, look at all the different sixes
FyreHaar: the sixes were amazing
FyreHaar: because they had so much love
SonicRob: Tricia Helfer shoulda gotten an MVP from the show team
FyreHaar: it always overpowered their hate
FyreHaar: dude, she did so much
SonicRob: Caprica Six, and then Baltar’s Six, and then Pegasus Six
SonicRob: and a few others here and there
SonicRob: and she made them all the same but different
FyreHaar: she was amazingly subtle
SonicRob: All the humanoid Cylons are avatars
FyreHaar: The way that Blatar’s six became more and more idealized until a real 6 shows up and you’re like, whoa
SonicRob: Six is made to love
SonicRob: Eight’s made to be loved
SonicRob: That’s why Boomer goes nuts
FyreHaar: The final five were good
FyreHaar: when you realize they are the first five and the final five
FyreHaar: and the interplay with Ellen when she returns
FyreHaar: I love that she’s like enlightened and shit
SonicRob: Hah
FyreHaar: but also still boozy and slutty
SonicRob: that lasted an hour
SonicRob: she got one show to be the great mother
FyreHaar: and then she gets over it
SonicRob: what’s fucked up is she’s Cavil’s Mom basically
FyreHaar: and she was screwing him
SonicRob: so when they were hate-fucking on New Caprica
FyreHaar: did he know?
SonicRob: he remembered and she didn’t
SonicRob: that is fucked up
FyreHaar: oh he did
SonicRob: hell yeah
SonicRob: he never forgot
FyreHaar: and he was doing it to mess with her
SonicRob: he was doing it to get back at her
FyreHaar: shudder
FyreHaar: at the end when he kills himself
FyreHaar: his hope died so quickly
FyreHaar: just this or this and it’s over
SonicRob: Leoben is made to believe

FyreHaar: John is made to control
SonicRob: But DeAnna kind of is too
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: but it’s different control
FyreHaar: John is a manipulator
SonicRob: I meant she’s made to believe
FyreHaar: DeAnna wants you to believe with her
SonicRob: I think maybe Leoben is made to intuit
FyreHaar: yeah
FyreHaar: the doctor dude was a doctor
SonicRob: hah
FyreHaar: and didn’t get much development
SonicRob: no, he never went far
FyreHaar: I kind of like the idea that Baltar and Six are together forever being beautiful and snarky with each other
FyreHaar: fuck dude, I cannot think of the last shot of Adama without crying
FyreHaar: he is just waiting to die to lie down next to her
SonicRob: well, those are the two versions that were in each other’s heads, right?
SonicRob: Caprica’s Baltar and Baltar’s Six
SonicRob: I really wanted Baltar Six and Caprica Six to have a scene somehow
FyreHaar: they did
SonicRob: I forgot that
FyreHaar: it was amazing when Baltar wanted so badly to be a cylon to explain why he had done what he had done
FyreHaar: and when he knew he wasn’t
FyreHaar: then he had to actually find forgiveness within
SonicRob: I loved that the opera house in the vision turns out to be the CIC of Galactica
SonicRob: that was poetry there
SonicRob: cause of course it’s a space opera
SonicRob: and that’s the main stage
FyreHaar: overall I have to say that BSG was some damn fine watching
FyreHaar: the first two seasons are the best but it’s pretty damn good all the way through
SonicRob: yeah, the first season of BSG was revelatory
SonicRob: it got kinda shrill in the 3rd season
SonicRob: and it was just unbalanced after that
FyreHaar: it was less even
FyreHaar: and after the escape from new capricia it was like they restarted
FyreHaar: back where it began and I’m like
FyreHaar: where ya gonna go now?


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