Mass Effect 2: Form Follows Function

So it looks like BioWare are taking the easy way out. Rather than improving Mass Effect 2’s companion AI so that they don’t charge blindly into storms of enemy fire, cheefully shooting you in the back for getting between them and the enemy, they’ve decided to just write the companion characters as suicidal berzerkers. Time to buy stock in medi-gel. =P

It also looks like this “Subject Zero” tart is the new Vanguard party member, replacing Wrex. I absolutely loved Wrex in ME1; he had the best elevator chit chat and told great stories when you talked to him on the ship. There was none of this silly egotistical “badass biotic” posturing with Wrex; he handled his business with as little speaking as possible. Seeing him apparently replaced in the sequel makes me worry that the non-talky resolution to Wrex’ problem on Virmire has become canon. That would kinda suck; that scene was one of the parts of my Renegade playthrough that actually made me feel bad.

Finally, did anyone else see the trailer and think Subject Zero was Talitha at first? Sure, the personalities are completely different, but their histories and appearances seem similar, and you never know how people will change to get over their trauma. It seems pretty clear now that they’re actually not the same person, but it makes me wonder if maybe somone found Talitha’s little story interesting enough to bear futher exploration with a similar character.


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