Heroes of Armageddon

We don’t talk about analog gaming too much on the site, but I’m quite fond of Warhammer 40K, particularly its hobby aspect. Last year a group of prominent 40k hobby bloggers got together to paint up and raffle off a beautifully-painted Space Marine army. The $16,000+ they raised in the raffle went to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), a fine international charity. This year they are doing it again, only the raffle includes four armies rather than just one, as well as regular smaller prizes in the time leading up to the main drawing in July.

Please consider following the link in the image above and entering the raffle. Even if you don’t particularly care for 40K it’s a worthy cause and another opportunity, much as we regularly have with Umloud and Child’s Play, to prove that gamers and hobbyists are caring people with a healthy sense of our place in society.

In other words, every dollar you give to charity as a gamer is a big middle finger to Jack Thompson.


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